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$15 minimum wage bill cruises through Legislature

The state Senate and Assembly easily passed the $15 per hour phased-in minimum wage bill Thursday in Trenton, paving the way for the bill to become law this year.

The minimum wage, which was raised to $8.85 this year, would increase to $15 by 2024 for most workers, with carve-outs for farm workers, tipped workers, seasonal employees, small employers and training wages if the bill becomes law.

Farm workers would reach $12.50 by 2024, after which the Departments of Labor and Agriculture would determine if it should be further raised, and by what increment. Small employers and seasonal workers would reach $15 by 2026. Tipped workers would increase from $2.13 plus tips to $5.13 plus tips by 2022.

The bill passed with 52 in favor and 25 opposed in the Assembly.

Republicans tried to get a substitute bill that would raise the wage to $13 per hour and include an “off-ramp” to give businesses relief in the event of another recession.

Assembly Speaker Craig Coughlin (D-Woodbridge) said the bill was crafted with the consideration of the business community’s concerns.

“The truth of the matter is that history has shown us that raising the minimum wage is actually good for the business community, it’s good for the state of New Jersey and, most importantly, its good for the people who benefit from it,” Coughlin said.

The bill passed with 23 votes in favor and 16 opposed in the Senate.

Some raised concerns about unintended consequences, chief among them being having workers pay more in taxes as a result of their raises and losing out on benefits and government subsidies.

Sen. Teresa Ruiz (D-Newark) also brought up the concern about loss of child care, adding that there are staff looking to ensure the bill does not result in families losing subsidies.

Senate President Stephen Sweeney (D-West Deptford) said he respected those opposing the bill, but he has committed to looking at what the unintended consequences are and bringing the legislation back in order to tweak it as needed.

“The time of arguing over a $15 minimum wage is over,” he said. “The wage gap is so large now. It’s time to give people on the lower end to do a little better. I did hear from the business community, that we are going to lose thousands of jobs, only to realize gains in employment. Modernization and computerization is happening … will this speed it up? Possibly. But if corporations can find ways to do things cheaper, they will do them whether it’s a $15 or $20 minimum wage.”

The New Jersey Business & Industry Association has consistently said the business community is concerned with a range of issues, including being able to provide health benefits and relocating altogether.

“The responses we have received from the business community have been passionate and it’s critical that legislators recognize their concerns,” CEO and President Michele Siekerka previously said.

“The theme over many of these stories was concern about compression for those already making $15 an hour, the impact on Medicaid and increased costs to state government. Companies are challenged in their inability to raise costs at the retail level and, therefore, will need to cut costs through cutting hours and benefits. There is also the concern about the overall impact a $15 minimum wage will have on their ability to provide other benefits like healthcare coverage. Many of our members are also calling for an offset for workforce training since many are challenged to hire a trained workforce as it is. And, yes, some of them say they will either close or relocate. We take them at their word, and our legislators should, too.”

Raising the minimum wage to $15 was a campaign promise for Gov. Phil Murphy, and has been one of the items the state’s leaders have aligned on.

The bill is likely to be signed by Murphy in as little as a week after its easy passage in both houses.

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Women dominate new thriller … on screen and off

“An Acceptable Loss” is a women-led film from start to finish.

The investors are women, the executive producer is a woman, all the lead roles are women and half of the extras are women.

Barbara E. Kauffman, president of Executive Women of New Jersey and executive vice president and chief operating officer of the Newark Regional Business Partnership, told ROI-NJ that makes a difference.

“It reflects the challenge for women in leadership in all fields,” she said.

EWNJ, in partnership with the Hispanic Bar Association of New Jersey and the Women’s Association of NJPAC, held a private screening of the film Wednesday night at the Bow Tie Claridge Theater in Montclair.

“An Acceptable Loss” is a political thriller about a former national security adviser who sets out to tell the truth after a controversial military action that was supposed to end the war on terror actually causes thousands to die under false pretenses. It debuted in theaters Jan. 18.

Michellene Davis, an executive vice president and the chief corporate affairs officer at RWJBarnabas Health as well as past president of EWNJ, who was an investor in the film, said the makeup of the cast — which includes Tika Sumpter and Jamie Lee Curtis — mattered.

“I was an investor because I believe representation matters,” Davis told ROI-NJ. “I think (“An Acceptable Loss”) will reveal the fact that women are significant decision-makers in matters that have great impact on the world around us, and the fact that they should be.”

Davis said these women are not playing characters just waiting for the romantic lead to come and sweep them off their feet, but, rather, they are complex creatures.

“These leading women are not weeping women,” Davis said. “We’re providing an opportunity for women who occupy powerful seats in the corporate world to see themselves on screen. We don’t really see ourselves when we’re watching ‘Princess Diaries’ or ‘Runaway Bride.’”

Davis said it’s important to see women in these roles to show that we exist in these spaces, especially for future women who may want to follow suit.

Executive producer Candy Straight talked about the film’s genesis and background. Screenwriter Joe Chappelle, she said, had read books by former U.S. Secretaries of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and Robert McNamara on the Iraq and Vietnam wars, respectively.

“We wanted to look at the political scene,” she said. “Rumsfeld wouldn’t have changed a thing and McNamara had second thoughts. We decided to flip the script and have women play these roles.

“I think it reflects what happens in politics, and we decided to have women in the script.”

Straight says it’s extremely important for women-led films to receive the attention and funding needed for their creation because, she said, unless you see women in front and behind the camera, movies like this will not be created.

Following the screening, Straight stayed to answer questions from the audience.

EWNJ is eager to keep the discussion of women in the workplace going.

EWNJ publishes a biennial report, “A Seat at the Table.” Kaufman said its next report, that’s to be published in October, will talk about the status of women on the boards of New Jersey’s public companies. The report, she said, recognizes companies that have three or more women on their boards. Its last report, published in 2017, showed 22 of 95 companies had three women or more on the board.

“What we represent as an organization is that things won’t change unless we take measures to make sure that change occurs,” Kauffman said.

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These Bergen Superintendents And Principals Earn More Than $150K

Some of the highest paid superintendents and principals in New Jersey work in Bergen County.

The Department of Education recently released its annual list of New Jersey superintendents and principals and their salaries before the start of the 2018-19 school year. And the list of educators making $150,000 or more — a list that barely had any educators on it two decades ago — has grown in recent years.

It’s also a small fraction of the more than 100,000 people who are teachers and administrators in public and charter schools in this state. But the highest earners also come from all different schools — not just the so-called “wealthy” districts that routinely rank highly on national and state lists for best schools.

Superintendents, including years of service and New Jersey rank:

No. 4: Howard Lerner, Bergen County Vocational, 23 years, $262,274

No. 7: Dawn Fidanza, Lodi Middle School and High School, 30 years, $240,750

No. 19: Daniel Fishbein, Ridgewood, 22 years, $205,616

No. 40: Christopher Tully, Bergenfield, 12 years, $196,584

No. 41: Robert Kravitz, 2 years, Englewood: $196,584

No. 42: Michele Robinson, Paramus, 22 years, $196,584

No. 62: Ernest Palestis: Paramus, interim superintendent, $196,584

No. 82: Kenneth Rota, Fort Lee, two years, $190,000

No. 115: Gina Coffaro, Oakland, Valley Middle School, 31 years, $178,234

No. 119: Michael Polizzi, New Milford, 18 years, $178,183

No. 121: Patrick Fletcher, River Dell Middle School, River Dell Regional, 34 years, $178,183

No. 168: Raymond Gonzalez, Westwood Junior/Senior High School, 19 years, $174,689

No. 199: Richard Kuder, Wyckoff Township Public Schools, 27 years, $173,083

No. 227. C. Lauren Schoen, Mahwah, 28 years, $167,500

No. 282: Bruce Watson, Glen Rock, 38 years, $161,000

No. 290: Matthew Murphy, Ramsey, 21 years, $157,500

No. 306: Anthony Riscica, Saddle Brook interim superintendent, one year, $157,500

No. 312: Matthew Helfant, Hasbrouck Heights, 19 years, $156,060

Principals, including years of service and New Jersey rank:

No. 10: Thomas Gorman, Ridgewood High School, 18 years, $190,320

No. 12: Paul Semendinger, Hawes Elementary School, 24 years, $189,807

No. 17: Lorraine Brooks, River Dell Regional High School, River Dell Regional, 53 years, $187,374

No. 18: Jean Schoenlank, Ridgewood, Ridge Elementary School, 11 years, $187,326

No. 20: Anthony Orsini, Ridgewood, Benjamin Franklin Middle School, 19 years, $185,514

No. 23: Katherine Kashmanian, Ridgewood, George Washington Middle School, 28 years, $184,303

No. 34: James Marcella, Fair Lawn High School, 34 years, $180,624

No. 36: Christopher Iasiello, Wyckoff, Dwight D. Eisenhower Middle School, 17 years, $180,015

No. 41: Margaret Leininger, Ridgewood, Travell Elementary School, 10 years, $179,526

No. 45: Carole Terrizzi, Bergen County Technical High School, Paramus, 37 years, $179,370

No. 46: Barbara Ciambra, Oakland, Heights Elementary School, 27 years, $179,048

No. 51: Adam Silverstein, Oakland, Manito Elementary School, 18 years, $177,968

No. 52: Lorna Jane Oates-Santos, Ridgewood Somerville Elementary School, 13 years, $177,926

No. 60: John Arlotta, Glen Rock High School, 33 years, $177,402

No. 66: John Pascale, Mahwah High School, 27 years, $176,077

No. 69: Robert Famularo, Wyckoff, Calvin Coolidge Elementary School, 22 years, $175,515

No. 70: Scott Blake: Wyckoff, George Washington Elementary School, 24 years, $175,515

No. 71: Stephen Raimo, Wyckoff, Sicomac Elementary School, 21 years, $175,515

No. 79: Glenn Clark, Oakland, Dogwood Hill Elementary School, 43 years, $174,268

No. 83: Scott Helfand, Fair Lawn, Memorial Middle School, $173,610

No. 90: Richard Freedman, River Dell Middle School, River Dell Regional, 25 years, $172,715

No. 98: Russell Davis, Bergen County Academies, Bergen County Vocational High School District, 25 years, $171,762

No. 122: Molly Dinning, Ramsey, John Y. Dater Elementary School, 21 years, $170,354

No. 137: Linda Weber, Glen Rock, Richard E. Byrd, 32 years, $169,287

No. 147: michael Michael Thumm, Ramsey High School, 21 years, $168,741

No. 149: Jeanine Nostrame, Paramus, Ridge Ranch Elementary School, 26 years, $168,710

No. 163: Caroline Hoffman, Ridgewood, Willard Elementary School, three years, $167,874

No. 175: Edward Thompson, Glen Rock, Clara E. Coleman School, 22 years, $166,787

No. 208: Sherrie Galofaro, Fair Lawn, Thomas Jefferson Middle School, 36 years, $164,591

No. 209: Frank Connelly, Westwood Junior/Senior High School, 21 years, $164,573

No. 210: Gregg Desiderio, Oakland, Valley Middle School, 22 years, $164,378

No. 217. Shirl Burns, Englewood on he Palisades Charter School, 34 years, $164,095

No. 229: Cynthia Hulse, Paramus, Midland Elementary School, 23 years, $163,170

No. 230: Suzanne Barbi, Paramus, Parkway Elementary School, 17 years, $163,170

No. 231: Thomas Marshall, Paramus, Stony Lane Elementary School, 16 years, $163,170

No. 261: James Fasano, Bergenfield High School, 23 years, $161,689

No. 264. Louis Manuppelli, New Milford High School, 12 years, $161,374

No. 274. Joseph Fulco, Fair Lawn, Henry B. Milnes Elementary School, 12 years, $160,885

No. 283: Laverne Oboyle, Paramus, Memorial Elementary School, 14 years, $160,390

No. 289: Rosemary Giacomelli, Fort Lee Elementary School No. 1, 38 years, $160,156

No. 309: Jennifer Wirt, Glen Rock Middle School, 22 years, $159,499

No. 344: Mary Ferreri, Ridgewood, Orchard Elementary, 15 years, $157,748

No. 347: Michael Weaver, Fair Lawn, John A. Forrest Elementary School, 16 years, $157,577

No. 348: Jill Lindsay, Fair Lawn, Radbrn Elementary School, 16 yaers, $157,577

No. 349: Christine Dell Aglio, Fair Lawn, Westmoreland Elementary School, six years, $157,577

No. 355: Angela Davis, Teaneck, Thomas Jefferson, 29 years, $157,419

No. 356: Raymond Kiem, Paramus High School, $157,370

No. 377. Jay Berman, Fort Lee Elementary School No. 3, 49 years, $156,519

No. 408: Billy Bowie, Dwight Morrow High School/Academies@Englewood, $155,288

No. 415: Leslie Abrew, Teaneck, William Cullen Bryant School, 18 years, $155,035

No. 416: Antoine J. Green, Teaneck, James Russell Lowell Elementary School, 21 years, $155,035

No. 418: Deirdre Spollen-Laraia, West Brook Middle School, $155,000

No. 443: Joseph Keiser, Franklin Lakes, Franklin Avenue Middle School, 33 years, $154,100

No. 474: Scott Davies, Bertrand F. Gibbs Elementary School, 25 years, $153,145

No. 489: Irene Pierides, Glen Rock, Alexander Hamilton School, 28 years, $152,904

No. 521: Pedro H. Valdes III, Teaneck, John Greenleaf Whittier Elementary School, 20 years, $151,934

No. 522: Daniela Small-Baily, Englewood, Dr. John Grieco Elementary School, 13 years, $151,905

No. 525: Piero Lo Giudice, Teaneck High School, 17 years, $151,858

No. 550: Linda Simmons, Hasbrouck Heights High School, 34 years, $151,019

No. 561: David Tankard, Vocational School, Bergen County Technical High School, Bergen County Vocational High School District, 15 years, $150,275

In 2017-2018, the median salary for administrators totaled $123,906, according to a Patch analysis of salary data for public school districts and charter schools. The increase was about 1 percent higher than the previous year.

To view the entire statewide list, click here.


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White Castle Valentine’s Day 2019 Special In Hasbrock Heights

HASBROUCK HEIGHTS, NJ — Restaurants tend to pull out all the stops to attract couples on Valentine’s Day, and White Castle is no different.

Yes, you read that right: White Castle is offering a romantic Valentine’s Day meal on Feb. 14.

Multiple locations across the state, including the one in Hasbrouck Heights, are offering couples the chance to enjoy sliders and onion rings in style on the special day. Reservations are required, and they’re filling up fast.

There’s only a few time slots left as of press time, so if nothing says “romance” to you like a fast food cheeseburger, book now.

Not sure why you should pick White Castle for Valentine’s Day? Here’s what the restaurant has to say about their special:

“Prepare yourself for a one-day only Castle experience! With the sweet scent of sliders steaming in the air, the romantic environment makes for an evening of delicious dining, complete with tableside service and an exclusive menu. It’s the same exceptional crave-tastic cuisine, but with an oh-so-steamy twist that’ll give you all the heart-eyed emojis. So go ahead and give the special Cravers in your life the royal treatment at White Castle on the 14th. Because everyone wants to hear those three little words: We’re. Getting. Sliders.”


Photo: Waitress Danielle Wright, center, delivers a customer’s order in a White Castle restaurant during a Valentine’s Day dinner on Feb. 14. For Valentine’s Day, numerous White Castle restaurants nationwide took dinner reservations offering candlelit dining with individual servers as well as hostess seating. (Photo by Tim Boyle/Getty Images)

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NJ Fails In Smoking Prevention Efforts: American Lung Association

A new report from the American Lung Association finds that both the federal government and states are not doing enough to prevent and reduce tobacco use. While the implementation of policies called for in the “State of Tobacco Control Report” has led to an all-time low in adult and youth cigarette smoking rates, there was a “dramatic and extremely troubling” 78 percent rise in youth e-cigarette use from 2017 to 2018, the report states.

New Jersey received a failing grade from the American Lung Association for prevention and cessation funding, and mixed rgrades on other key tobacco policies. The report called for specific actions New Jersey lawmakers can take to reduce tobacco use.

E-cigarette use among teens could set the stage “for not only another generation of Americans addicted to tobacco products but ultimately more tobacco-caused death and disease,” the report says. The report criticizes the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for failing to use its full authority over the manufacture, marketing and sale of tobacco products to put meaningful restrictions in place, giving the agency an “F” grade for regulation of tobacco products.

The report blames the FDA’s inaction for the steep rise in e-cigarette use among youths. It also singles out the popular e-cigarette “JUUL,” which it says has claimed the largest share of the overall e-cigarette market in a very short time period. Sales restrictions implemented by the FDA on flavored products don’t go far enough, as they don’t apply to mint or menthol of e-cigarettes, the report says.

An article cited in the publication says that more than 50 percent of high schoolers use mint or menthol e-cigarettes. Furthermore, the American Lung Association says, the FDA’s decision to delay the review of all e-cigarettes until 2022 also contributed to the rise of e-cigarette use among youths.

However, the Lung Association did praise the FDA on two measures: a proposed rule that would prohibit the sale of menthol cigarettes and all flavored cigars, as well as a nationwide media campaign focused on reducing e-cigarette use among youths aged 12-17.

The Lung Association said that overall, states “continued their unfortunate record of failing to put in place the proven policies” called for in the report to reduce deaths caused by tobacco.

The policies the organization says states should adopt are:

  • Increase funding for tobacco control programs and focus these programs on at-risk populations
  • Comprehensive smoke-free laws must be passed in the 22 states that do not have them
  • Expand comprehensive cessation coverage in all-Medicaid programs
  • Increase tobacco taxes and equalize taxes across all tobacco products
  • Increase the minimum age of sale to 21

The report also pointed out positive measures adopted by states; Massachusetts became the sixth state to pass a law increasing tobacco sale age to 21; Oklahoma and the District of Columbia approved significant increases to state tobacco taxes; and Kansas and New Jersey expanded Medicaid coverage for smoking cessation treatments.

Each state was given a grade for the five policies recommended in the report and while no state received an “A”in each category, the Lung Association says the states doing the best job are Alaska, California, Hawaii, Maine, Massachusetts and the District of Columbia.

In New Jersey, here are the grades for each category:

  • Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Funding: F
  • Smokefree Air: A
  • Tobacco Taxes: D
  • Access to Cessation Services: B
  • Tobacco 21: A

Here are the actions the Lung Association says New Jersey can take to reduce tobacco use:

  1. Pass a significant increase in the tax on cigarettes;
  2. Fund tobacco prevention and cessation programs at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)-recommended level; and
  3. Continue expanding tobacco cessation coverage for individuals on Medicaid.

“All states and the federal government can do more to reduce tobacco use; the FDA in particular has been asleep at the switch for far too long. Their failure to act for years set the stage for e-cigarette use among youth to finally explode into an epidemic,” American Lung Association President and CEO Harold P. Wimmer said in a news release. “We call on the FDA and Commissioner Gottlieb to make 2019 the year it takes decisive action on youth e-cigarette use and removes menthol cigarettes and flavored cigars from the marketplace.”

You can read the full report from the American Lung Association here.

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Watch: Drone Flyover of Marcal Paper Fire Aftermath

BERGEN COUNTY, NJ — The massive eight-alarm fire that destroyed the Marcal plant next to Route 80 continues to smolder Thursday morning, video footage of the site shows.

The entire paper plant was consumed by an eight-alarm fire Wednesday night. Firefighters were still pouring water onto the rubble Thursday morning, reported. (See related: Massive Fire Consumes Marcal Paper Plant In Elmwood Park)

Police and Fire Chief Michael Foligno could not be immediately for comment Thursday morning.

It was probably the worst fire in Elmwood Park’s history, Foligno told

The eight-alarm fire was at first contained to the warehouse along River Road, Foligno told, but it later spread to the main building and toppled the iconic Marcal sign on top of it. The warehouse has large paper rolls that are used to make tissues, toilet paper, and paper towels. More than 100 firefighters were at the scene, according to the report.

Twitter users who drove by the blaze reported that embers were hitting nearby Route 80 as the fire burned the building to the ground.

Whipping winds blew embers from the fire into the area, creating a concern for nearby homeowners, according to a CBS2 report.


YouTube screenshot

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6 Best Value Colleges In NJ: New Rankings Released

The Princeton Review has released its annual edition of best value colleges that provide an “exceptional” return on investment and six from New Jersey made the cut.

The annual book, released Tuesday, has seven ranking lists that each focus on different aspects of financial aid and career prep. It’s meant to help individuals who want affordable colleges that are academically outstanding and lead to rewarding careers.

Here are the best value colleges in New Jersey:

  • The College of New Jersey, Ewing
  • Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken
  • Drew University, Madison
  • New Jersey Institute of Technology, Newark
  • Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey – New Brunswick, Piscataway
  • Princeton University

The list of 200 schools is not ranked hierarchically, though there is a ranking of the top 50. The Princeton Review, an education services company, selected the 200 schools based on data from surveys of administrators at more than 650 colleges in 2017-18. The schools were asked about topics including academics, cost, financial aid, career services, graduation rates, student debt and alumni support.

The list was also based on student and alumni answers. They were asked about starting and mid-career salaries and job satisfaction.

“Only 7 percent of the nation’s four-year colleges made it into this book,” lead author Robert Franek said in a release. “We salute them for their stellar academics and generous aid awards to students based on need and/or merit. They also provide their undergrads with career services from day one plus strong networks of alumni connections.”

California Institute of Technology claimed the No. 1 spot on the main ranking list, followed by Stanford University and Princeton University. Here are the top 10 best value colleges:

  1. California Institute of Technology — Pasadena, CA
  2. Stanford University — Stanford, CA
  3. Princeton University — Princeton, NJ
  4. Massachusetts Institute of Technology — Cambridge, MA
  5. Williams College — Williamstown, MA
  6. Harvey Mudd College — Claremont, CA
  7. Yale University — New Haven, CT
  8. Harvard College — Cambridge, MA
  9. The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art — New York, NY
  10. University of Virginia — Charlottesville, VA

Patch national staffer Dan Hampton contributed to this report.

Photo credit: Shutterstock

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The 939 NJ Superintendents, Principals Who Earned $150K Or More

Superintendent and principal salaries continue to rise, and making at least $150,000 a year is no longer uncommon for administrators in New Jersey. In fact, nearly 1,000 superintendents and principals made $150,000 or more in 2018, even if their district had only one school.

Patch has the list of 939 top-earning superintendents and principals and their salaries below.

The Department of Education recently released its annual list of superintendents and principals and their salaries before the start of the 2018-19 school year. And the list of educators making $150,000 or more — a list that barely had any educators on it two decades ago — has grown in recent years.

Read more: The 10,000 NJ Teachers Who Make $98K Or More In 2018

It’s also a small fraction of the more than 100,000 people who are teachers and administrators in public and charter schools in this state. But the highest earners also come from all different schools — not just the so-called “wealthy” districts that routinely rank highly on national and state lists for best schools.

(If you want to see if principals and superintendents from your district are on the list, scroll through the list below).

Some of the principals and superintendents listed may no longer be with their schools; this list was developed in 2018.

Read more: New Jersey School Closings/Delays List For Friday

In 2017-2018, the median salary for administrators totaled $123,906, according to a Patch analysis of salary data for public school districts and charter schools. The increase was about 1 percent higher than the previous year (see list below).

The Department of Education has said the department double-checks the data before delivering it to the media.

Here are the top 939 principals and superintendents with their school, their school district, their years of service (which is surely a factor in their pay) and, finally, their salaries in 2018:


  1. MARK FINKELSTEIN, Superintendent, Bright Beginnings Learning Center, EDUCATIONAL SERVICES COMMISSION OF NEW JERSEY, 26, $288,207
  2. Leigh Byron, Superintendent, Trenton Stem-to-Civics Charter School, TRENTON STEM-TO-CIVICS CS, 39, $275,000
  3. FRANK GARGIULO, Superintendent, HUDSON COUNTY VOCATIONAL, 27, $271,762
  4. HOWARD LERNER, Superintendent, BERGEN COUNTY VOCATIONAL, 23, $262,274
  5. DIANA LOBOSCO, Superintendent, Passaic County Technical Institute, PASSAIC COUNTY VOCATIONAL, 32, $262,000
  6. Christopher D Cerf, Superintendent, NEWARK CITY, 2, $255,524
  7. Dawn Fidanza, Superintendent, Lodi MS HS, SOUTH BERGEN JOINTURE COM, 30, $240,750
  8. Teresa Segarra, Superintendent, Maria Varisco Rogers Charter School, MARIA L. VARISCO-ROGERS CS, 17, $235,409
  9. EILEEN F SHAFER, Superintendent, PATERSON CITY, 25, $231,386
  10. MARCIA LYLES, Superintendent, JERSEY CITY, 5, $231,000
  11. Janet Fike, Superintendent, MORRIS-UNION JOINTURE COM, 36, $217,548
  12. DAVID CITTADINO, Superintendent, OLD BRIDGE TWP, 17, $215,249
  13. Raymond Brosel, Superintendent, VOORHEES TWP, 50, $213,747
  14. Paymon Rouhanifard, Superintendent, CAMDEN CITY, 4, $213,360
  15. Silvia Abbato, Superintendent, UNION CITY, 37, $210,945
  16. HAROLD DUNSAVAGE, Superintendent, SOMERSET CO ED SERV COMM, 37, $210,562
  17. TIMOTHY MCCORKELL, Superintendent, MONMOUTH CO VOCATIONAL, 39, $210,399
  18. SCOTT MOFFITT, Superintendent, MORRIS COUNTY VOCATIONAL, 16, $207,965
  19. DANIEL FISHBEIN, Superintendent, RIDGEWOOD VILLAGE, 22, $205,616
  20. OLGA HUGELMEYER, Superintendent, ELIZABETH CITY, 23, $205,000
  21. RICHARD TOMKO, Superintendent, BELLEVILLE TOWN, 3, $204,084
  22. HENRY POTEAT, Superintendent, WINSLOW TWP, 9, $200,516
  23. ROBERT ZEGA, Superintendent, WOODBRIDGE TWP, 29, $200,516
  24. BRIAN ZYCHOWSKI, Superintendent, NORTH BRUNSWICK TWP, 10, $200,516
  25. CHARLES SAMPSON, Superintendent, FREEHOLD REGIONAL, 20, $200,516
  26. MICHAEL SALVATORE, Superintendent, LONG BRANCH CITY, 19, $200,516
  27. MARGARET HAYES, Superintendent, SCOTCH PLAINS-FANWOOD REG, 15, $200,516
  28. MARGARET DOLAN, Superintendent, WESTFIELD TOWN, 21, $200,516
  29. MICHAEL ROMAGNINO, Superintendent, CLIFFSIDE PARK BORO, 46, $200,515
  30. WILLIAM GEORGE, Superintendent, MIDDLETOWN TWP, 30, $200,515
  31. SALVATORE GONCALVES, Superintendent, BLOOMFIELD TWP, 40, $200,416
  32. Michael Nitti, Superintendent, EWING TWP, 27, $200,416
  33. THOMAS SMITH, Superintendent, HOPEWELL VALLEY REGIONAL, 31, $200,415
  34. Michael LaSusa, Superintendent, SCH DIST OF THE CHATHAMS, 18, $200,415
  35. DAVID ROMAN, Superintendent, PERTH AMBOY CITY, 2, $200,000
  36. Pablo Munoz, Superintendent, PASSAIC CITY, 8, $200,000
  37. SCOTT ROCCO, Superintendent, HAMILTON TWP, 0, $199,500
  38. David Healy, Superintendent, TOMS RIVER REGIONAL, 23, $198,000
  39. David Mango, Superintendent, HACKETTSTOWN, 21, $197,083
  40. CHRISTOPHER TULLY, Superintendent, BERGENFIELD BORO, 12, $196,584
  41. ROBERT KRAVITZ, Superintendent, ENGLEWOOD CITY, 2, $196,584
  42. MICHELE ROBINSON, Superintendent, PARAMUS BORO, 22, $196,584
  43. Geoffrey Gordon, Superintendent, TENAFLY BORO, 10, $196,584
  44. CAROL BIRNBOHM, Superintendent, LENAPE REGIONAL, 25, $196,584
  45. Scott McCartney, Superintendent, MOORESTOWN TWP, 25, $196,584
  46. Julie Glazer, Superintendent, NUTLEY TOWN, 1, $196,584
  47. Ronald C Lee, Superintendent, CITY OF ORANGE TWP, 15, $196,584
  48. Christina Steffner, Superintendent, LIVINGSTON TWP, 1, $196,584
  49. PATRICIA BLOOD, Superintendent, Franklin Elementary School, KEARNY TOWN, 28, $196,584
  50. STEPHEN COCHRANE, Superintendent, PRINCETON PUBLIC SCHOOLS, 27, $196,584
  51. Fredrick McDowell Jr, Superintendent, TRENTON PUBLIC SCHOOL DISTRICT, 0, $196,584
  52. DAVID ADERHOLD, Superintendent, W WINDSOR-PLAINSBORO REG, 15, $196,584
  53. RICHARD KATZ, Superintendent, EAST WINDSOR REGIONAL, 2, $196,584
  54. Richard Labbe, Superintendent, SAYREVILLE BORO, 3, $196,584
  55. PATRICK TIERNEY, Superintendent, JEFFERSON TWP, 2, $196,584
  56. RENE ROVTAR, Superintendent, MONTVILLE TWP, 2, $196,584
  57. Loretta Radulic, Superintendent, ROXBURY TWP, 28, $196,584
  58. MARK TOBACK, Superintendent, WAYNE TWP, 3, $196,584
  59. JOHN RAVALLY, Superintendent, FRANKLIN TWP, 2, $196,584
  60. SCOTT RUBIN, Superintendent, CRANFORD TWP, 19, $196,584
  61. JUNE CHANG, Superintendent, Primary Center at Wilson, SUMMIT CITY, 2, $196,584
  62. Ernest Palestis, Interim Superintendent, FAIR LAWN PUBLIC SCHOOLS, 1, $196,584
  63. Rosemary Martins Marks, Interim Superintendent, HACKENSACK CITY, 22, $196,584
  64. Laura Winters, Superintendent, LAKEWOOD TWP, 16, $196,547
  65. VICTOR VALESKI, Superintendent, EAST BRUNSWICK TWP, 24, $196,504
  66. RONALD TAYLOR, Superintendent, WILLINGBORO TWP, 6, $196,350
  67. CHRISTOPHER ROONEY, Superintendent, MONMOUTH-OCEAN ED SER COM, 4, $196,323
  68. Ross Kasun, Superintendent, FREEHOLD TWP, 21, $195,416
  69. PETER CAPODICE, Superintendent, UNION COUNTY VOCATIONAL, 24, $195,263
  70. HAROLD TRETHAWAY, Superintendent, MANCHESTER TWP, 40, $195,145
  71. James Santana, Interim Superintendent, NORTHERN VALLEY REGIONAL, 20, $194,689
  72. DIANNE VEILLEUX, Superintendent, MIDDLESEX CO VOCATIONAL, 37, $193,686
  73. Christopher Nagy, Superintendent, BURLINGTON CO VOCATIONAL, , $193,420
  74. SCOTT OSWALD, Superintendent, COLLINGSWOOD BORO, 10, $193,082
  75. JOHN MARCIANTE JR, Superintendent, MANALAPAN-ENGLISHTOWN REG, 14, $193,000
  76. Angelo Vilardi, Superintendent, EDUC SERV COMM MORRIS CO, 39, $192,638
  78. BARRY CALDWELL, Superintendent, ATLANTIC CITY, 23, $192,000
  79. DANNY ROBERTOZZI, Superintendent, LINDEN CITY, 20, $192,000
  80. JOSEPH ISOLA, Superintendent, HOWELL TWP, 13, $191,584
  81. Russell Lazovick, Superintendent, BRIDGEWATER-RARITAN REG, 1, $191,584
  82. KENNETH ROTA, Superintendent, School No. 1, FORT LEE BORO, 2, $190,000
  83. BARBARA SARGENT, Superintendent, PARSIPPANY-TROY HILLS TWP, 0, $190,000
  84. RHONDA WILSON, Superintendent, New Horizons Community Charter School, NEW HORIZONS COMM. CS, 24, $189,630
  85. TOVA BEN DOV, Superintendent, RIVER EDGE BORO, 13, $188,383
  86. ROBERT MCGARRY, Superintendent, HOLMDEL TWP, 3, $188,000
  87. STEPHEN GENCO, Superintendent, JACKSON TWP, 31, $187,400
  88. MARIO CARDINALE, Interim Superintendent, BUTLER BORO, 38, $186,283
  89. PHILIP GUENTHER, Superintendent, Atlantic County Institute of Technology, ATLANTIC CO VOCATIONAL, 33, $186,000
  90. JAMES STEFANKIEWICZ, Superintendent, OCEAN TWP, 3, $185,000
  91. CRAIG HUTCHESON, Superintendent, Kittatinny Regional High School, KITTATINNY REGIONAL, 27, $185,000
  92. Terry Foppert, Superintendent, UNION CO ED SERV COMM, 17, $185,000
  93. Gregory Troxell, Superintendent, PHILLIPSBURG TOWN, 22, $185,000
  94. JOHANNA RUBERTO, Interim Superintendent, FLEMINGTON-RARITAN REG, 0, $185,000
  95. CRAIG WIGLEY, Superintendent, LACEY TWP, 1, $184,884
  96. GILBERT K GREENE, Superintendent, NEWTON TOWN, 30, $184,183
  97. GLORIA WATSON, Superintendent, EAST ORANGE, 44, $184,182
  98. WILLIAM HOEY JR, Superintendent, OCEAN COUNTY VOCATIONAL, 15, $183,578
  99. James Jencarelli, Superintendent, MORRIS HILLS REGIONAL, 21, $183,283
  100. ANNE MUCCI, Superintendent, MOUNTAIN LAKES BORO, 21, $183,283
  101. David Miceli, Superintendent, NEW PROVIDENCE BORO, 19, $183,283
  102. Patricia Fitzgerald, Superintendent, CAMDEN COUNTY VOCATIONAL, 31, $183,111
  103. Shannon Whalen, Superintendent, Gateway Regional High School, GATEWAY REGIONAL, 24, $182,500
  104. Aubrey Johnson, Superintendent, NEW BRUNSWICK CITY, 1, $182,500
  105. LAURIE NEWELL, Superintendent, ESSEX CO ED SERV COMM, 1, $181,938
  106. JOSEPH BOLLENDORF, Superintendent, WASHINGTON TWP, 30, $180,868
  107. TRIANTAFILLOS PARLAPANIDES, Superintendent, Central Regional High School, CENTRAL REGIONAL, 15, $180,000
  108. VINCENT B MC HALE, Interim Superintendent, TEANECK TWP, 21, $180,000
  109. Robert Zywicki, Superintendent, WEEHAWKEN TWP, 2, $179,689
  110. DIANE DI GIUSEPPE, Superintendent, KINNELON BORO, 9, $179,689
  111. Michael Fox, Superintendent, DEMAREST BORO, 20, $179,425
  112. AUGUSTUS MODLA, Superintendent, Sussex County Technical School, SUSSEX COUNTY VOCATIONAL, 5, $178,518
  113. THOMASINA JONES, Superintendent, BRIDGETON CITY, 26, $178,250
  114. DAVID GENTILE, Superintendent, MILLVILLE CITY, 19, $178,250
  115. Gina Coffaro, Superintendent, Valley Middle School, OAKLAND BORO, 31, $178,234
  116. EMANUELE TRIGGIANO, Superintendent, DUMONT BORO, 27, $178,183
  117. JOANNE MEGARGEE, Superintendent, LEONIA BORO, 24, $178,183
  118. MARIE CIRASELLA, Superintendent, MIDLAND PARK BORO, 25, $178,183
  119. MICHAEL POLIZZI, Superintendent, NEW MILFORD BORO, 18, $178,183
  120. ROBERT GAMPER, Superintendent, PARK RIDGE BORO, 25, $178,183
  121. Patrick Fletcher, Superintendent, River Dell Middle School, RIVER DELL REGIONAL, 34, $178,183
  122. JOHN HURLEY, Superintendent, RUTHERFORD BORO, 40, $178,183
  123. PATRICIA DOLOUGHTY, Superintendent, BURLINGTON CITY, 36, $178,183
  124. Harold Melleby, Superintendent, EASTERN CAMDEN COUNTY REG, 43, $178,183
  125. KATHLEEN TAYLOR, Superintendent, OCEAN CITY, 11, $178,183
  126. BARBARA LONGO, Superintendent, West Essex Middle School, WEST ESSEX REGIONAL, 26, $178,183
  127. LINDA MADISON, Superintendent, MIDDLESEX BORO, 4, $178,183
  128. Peter Righi, Superintendent, RUMSON-FAIR HAVEN REGIONAL HIGH SCHOOL, RUMSON-FAIR HAVEN REG, 41, $178,183
  129. Christina VanWoert, Superintendent, CHESTER TWP, 25, $178,183
  130. Jeffrey Mohre, Superintendent, WASHINGTON TWP, 34, $178,183
  131. CAROL GROSSI, Superintendent, Hanover Park High School, HANOVER PARK REGIONAL, 8, $178,183
  132. CRAIG HENRY, Superintendent, SOUTHERN REGIONAL, 40, $178,183
  133. JUDITH RATTNER, Superintendent, BERKELEY HEIGHTS TWP, 35, $178,183
  134. JAMES SARRUDA, Superintendent, NORTHERN BURLINGTON REG, 41, $178,182
  135. Mark Maire, Superintendent, Morris Plains Borough School, MORRIS PLAINS BORO, 17, $178,182
  136. Paul Amoroso, Superintendent, POMPTON LAKES BORO, 25, $178,100
  137. MICHAEL DAVINO, Superintendent, SPRINGFIELD TWP, 14, $178,083
  138. TAMI CRADER, Superintendent, NEPTUNE TWP, 27, $177,800
  139. JOSEPH MELOCHE, Superintendent, CHERRY HILL TWP, 14, $177,500
  140. MARY GRUCCIO, Superintendent, VINELAND CITY, 42, $177,500
  141. KEVIN WEST, Superintendent, EAST ORANGE, 11, $177,500
  142. JEFFREY RUTZKY, Superintendent, WEST ORANGE TOWN, 3, $177,500
  143. Neely Ann Hackett, Superintendent, IRVINGTON TOWNSHIP, 17, $177,500
  144. George Solter, Superintendent, NORTH BERGEN TWP, 33, $177,500
  145. Michael Wanko, Superintendent, BAYONNE CITY, 45, $177,500
  146. Clara Brito-Herrera, Superintendent, WEST NEW YORK TOWN, 37, $177,500
  148. WALTER USZENSKI, Superintendent, BRICK TWP, 5, $177,500
  149. RICHARD TARDALO, Superintendent, CLIFTON CITY, 31, $177,500
  150. JORDEN SCHIFF, Superintendent, HILLSBOROUGH TWP, 27, $177,500
  151. GREGORY TATUM, Superintendent, UNION TWP, 14, $177,500
  152. Anna Belin-Pyles, Superintendent, PLAINFIELD CITY, 17, $177,500
  153. ROSA DIAZ, Superintendent, CARTERET BORO, 20, $177,000
  154. Tamara Cooper, Superintendent, University Heights Charter School, UNIVERSITY HEIGHTS CS, 06, $176,800
  155. Nancy Hudanich, Superintendent, Cape May County Technical High SChool, CAPE MAY CO VOCATIONAL, 38, $176,419
  156. Gregorio Maceri, Superintendent, Memorial School, SOUTH HACKENSACK TWP, X, $175,560
  157. JOSEPH MAJKA, Superintendent, MATAWAN-ABERDEEN REGIONAL, 2, $175,392
  158. KIMBERLY GRUCCIO, Superintendent, EGG HARBOR TWP, 17, $175,000
  159. John Bilodeau, Superintendent, GLOUCESTER TWP, 14, $175,000
  160. PATRICIA CAMP, Superintendent, RAHWAY CITY, 2, $175,000
  161. Curtis Palmore, Superintendent, Community Charter School of Paterson, COMMUNITY CHARTER SCHOOL OF PATERSO, , $175,000
  162. FRANCES WOOD, Superintendent, SOMERSET HILLS REGIONAL, 4, $174,869
  163. MICHAEL BURKE, Superintendent, Cresskill High School, CRESSKILL BORO, 20, $174,689
  164. BRIAN GATENS, Superintendent, EMERSON BORO, 25, $174,689
  165. Scot Beckerman, Superintendent, Northern Highlands Regional High School, NORTHERN HIGHLANDS REG, 2, $174,689
  167. Paul Casarico, Superintendent, WALDWICK BORO, 15, $174,689
  169. Beth Norcia, Superintendent, MAPLE SHADE TWP, 20, $174,689
  170. CHRISTOPHER KOBIK, Superintendent, LOWER CAPE MAY REGIONAL, 36, $174,689
  171. JAMES HEINEGG, Superintendent, CALDWELL-WEST CALDWELL, 5, $174,689
  172. RUI DIONISIO, Superintendent, VERONA BORO, 15, $174,689
  173. DIRK PHILLIPS, Superintendent, GLEN RIDGE BORO, 35, $174,689
  174. CHRISTINE JOHNSON, Superintendent, HOBOKEN CITY, 2, $174,689
  175. JEFFREY MOORE, Superintendent, Hunterdon Central Regional High School District, HUNTERDON CENTRAL REG, 0, $174,689
  176. JEFFREY BENDER, Superintendent, N HUNT/VOORHEES REGIONAL, 1, $174,689
  177. VINCENT CAPUTO, Superintendent, METUCHEN BORO, 26, $174,689
  178. LAMONT REPOLLET, Superintendent, ASBURY PARK CITY, 21, $174,689
  180. MICHAEL BEN-DAVID, Superintendent, WEST MORRIS REGIONAL, 17, $174,689
  181. Mark Schwarz, Superintendent, MADISON BORO, 0, $174,689
  182. Richard Spirito, Superintendent, HAWTHORNE BORO, 25, $174,689
  183. HUGH BEATTIE, Superintendent, Lakeland Regional High School, LAKELAND REGIONAL, 40, $174,689
  184. DANIEL GALLAGHER, Superintendent, BOUND BROOK BORO, 26, $174,689
  185. ELIZABETH JEWETT, Superintendent, Watchung Hills Regional High School, WATCHUNG HILLS REGIONAL, 16, $174,689
  186. REBECCA GENSEL, Superintendent, BRANCHBURG TWP, 28, $174,689
  187. Sarah Bilotti, Superintendent, North Warren Regional School, NORTH WARREN REGIONAL, 2, $174,689
  188. Maryann Banks, Superintendent, PINELANDS REGIONAL, 46, $174,200
  189. TERESA RAFFERTY, Superintendent, PISCATAWAY TWP, 14, $174,196
  190. JOHN HORCHAK, Superintendent, CLEARVIEW REGIONAL, 20, $173,893
  191. Michael Pinajian, Superintendent, NORTHVALE PUBLIC SCHOOL, NORTHVALE BORO, 22, $173,362
  192. Louis Muenker, Superintendent, SOUTH HUNTERDON REGIONAL SCHOOL DISTRICT, 12, $173,300
  193. CHERYL DYER, Superintendent, WALL TWP, 3, $173,300
  195. MICHAEL BARCADEPONE, Superintendent, ALLENDALE BORO, 6, $173,083
  196. JOANNE S NEWBERRY, Superintendent, CLOSTER BORO, 32, $173,083
  197. Rory McCourt, Superintendent, RIVER VALE TWP, 1, $173,083
  198. LAUREN BARBELET, Superintendent, Woodcliff Middle School, WOODCLIFF LAKE BORO, 24, $173,083
  199. RICHARD KUDER, Superintendent, WYCKOFF TWP, 27, $173,083
  200. JOSEPH LANGOWSKI, Superintendent, Ashbrook Elementary School, LUMBERTON TWP, 4, $173,083
  201. CAROLYN KOSSACK, Superintendent, LITTLE SILVER BORO, 10, $173,083
  202. CHRISTOPHER HERDMAN, Superintendent, Marie V. Duffy Elementary School, WHARTON BORO, 20, $173,083
  203. GEORGE CHIDIAC, Superintendent, STAFFORD TWP, 4, $173,083
  204. Allison Angermeyer, Superintendent, Prospect Park School No. 1, PROSPECT PARK BORO, 35, $173,083
  205. MICHELE PILLARI, Superintendent, WOODLAND PARK, 3, $173,083
  206. Donna Cardiello, Superintendent, Haskell Elementary School, WANAQUE BORO, 38, $173,083
  207. FRANK SCARAFILE, Superintendent, Memorial Elementary School, LITTLE FERRY BORO, 14, $173,082
  208. JAMES GRUBE, Superintendent, LINCOLN PARK BORO, 36, $173,082
  209. MIGUEL HERNANDEZ, Superintendent, Passaic County-Manchester Regional High School, PASSAIC CO MANCHESTER REG, 2, $172,500
  210. Michael Dicken, Superintendent, Bankbridge Regional School, GLOUCESTER CO SPEC SERV, 18, $172,329
  211. Peter Morris, Superintendent, Lavallette Elementary School, LAVALLETTE BORO, 26, $170,750
  212. Michael Jordan, Superintendent, MAYWOOD BORO, 19, $169,689
  213. Helen Payne, Superintendent, NORTH HANOVER TWP, 32, $169,689
  214. WILLIAM DEFABIIS, Superintendent, READINGTON TWP, 42, $169,689
  215. JARED RUMAGE, Superintendent, RED BANK BORO, 22, $169,689
  216. NATALEE BARTLETT, Superintendent, EAST HANOVER TWP, 0, $169,689
  217. Michael Wasko, Superintendent, Memorial Junior School, HANOVER TWP, 26, $169,689
  218. JAMES ROSELLI, Superintendent, BERKELEY TWP, 25, $169,689
  219. Melissa Mccooley, Superintendent, FROG POND ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, LITTLE EGG HARBOR TWP, 2, $169,689
  220. Kevin Carroll, Superintendent, GREEN BROOK TWP, 3, $169,689
  221. Richard Brockel, Interim Superintendent, UPPER SADDLE RIVER BORO, 44, $169,689
  222. JOSEPH DELROSSI, Superintendent, MEDFORD TWP, 25, $169,000
  223. BARBARA MAKOSKI, Superintendent, CAPE MAY CO SPECIAL SERV, 25, $168,884
  224. Christopher Carrubba, Superintendent, BELVIDERE TOWN, 21, $168,000
  226. FRANK QUATRONE, Superintendent, LODI BOROUGH, 34, $167,500
  227. C Schoen, Superintendent, MAHWAH TWP, 28, $167,500
  228. Peder Gundersen, Superintendent, PASCACK VALLEY REGIONAL, 23, $167,500
  229. BRIAN BROTSCHUL, Superintendent, DELRAN TWP, 13, $167,500
  230. DONNA AMBROSIUS, Superintendent, Florence Riverfront School, FLORENCE TWP, 09, $167,500
  231. ANTHONY TRONGONE, Superintendent, PEMBERTON TWP, 2, $167,500
  233. CHRISTINE BURTON, Superintendent, MILLBURN TWP, 7, $167,500
  234. JAMES LAVENDER, Superintendent, KINGSWAY REGIONAL, 7, $167,500
  235. Charles Earling, Superintendent, MONROE TWP, 49, $167,500
  236. CRYSTAL EDWARDS, Superintendent, LAWRENCE TWP, 30, $167,500
  237. Noreen Lishak, Superintendent, SOUTH PLAINFIELD BORO, 1, $167,500
  238. Michael Kozak, Superintendent, MONROE TWP, 13, $167,500
  239. BERNARD BRAGEN, Superintendent, HAZLET TWP, 10, $167,500
  240. M Stanton Pendergrast, Superintendent, MORRIS SCHOOL DISTRICT, 2, $167,500
  241. JENNIFER FANO, Superintendent, RANDOLPH TWP, 12, $167,500
  242. Robert Becker, Superintendent, DOVER TOWN, 43, $167,500
  243. LARRIE REYNOLDS, Superintendent, MOUNT OLIVE TWP, 8, $167,500
  244. NANCY GARTENBERG, Superintendent, MONTGOMERY TWP, 5, $167,500
  245. Nigoghos Markarian, Superintendent, BERNARDS TWP, 16, $167,500
  246. JAMES MCLAUGHLIN, Superintendent, East End School, NORTH PLAINFIELD BORO, 30, $167,500
  247. MICHAEL ROSSI, Superintendent, SPARTA TWP, 14, $167,500
  248. Arthur DiBenedetto, Superintendent, VERNON TWP, 26, $167,500
  249. CHRISTOPHER HEILIG, Superintendent, Rancocas Valley Regional High School, RANCOCAS VALLEY REGIONAL, 2, $167,345
  250. TRACEY MARINELLI, Superintendent, Little Falls Township Public School # 3, LITTLE FALLS TWP, 2, $167,000
  251. Michael Adams, Superintendent, HADDON HEIGHTS BORO, 21, $166,737
  252. MARYJANE GARIBAY, Superintendent, COLTS NECK TWP, 21, $166,736
  253. NICHOLAS BERNICE, Superintendent, RINGWOOD BORO, 1, $166,689
  254. ROBERT GLOWACKY, Superintendent, Warren County Vocational Technical School, WARREN COUNTY VOCATIONAL, 27, $166,265
  255. Ed Stoloski, Superintendent, East Amwell Township, EAST AMWELL TWP, 43, $166,050
  256. STEVEN CRISPIN, Superintendent, WEST DEPTFORD TWP, 0, $165,800
  257. Richard Wiener, Superintendent, Delaware Township School, DELAWARE TWP, 38, $165,750
  258. Alexander Anemone, Superintendent, WEST MILFORD TWP, 1, $165,500
  259. JOHN KEENAN, Superintendent, GREATER EGG HARBOR REG, 29, $165,000
  260. JOHN SCAVELLI, Superintendent, EVESHAM TWP, 20, $165,000
  261. George Rafferty, Superintendent, MOUNT LAUREL TWP, 2, $165,000
  262. Annette Castiglione, Superintendent, BELL OAKS UPPER ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, BELLMAWR BORO, 29, $165,000
  263. ERIC HIBBS, Superintendent, MARLBORO TWP, 19, $165,000
  264. ROBERT BEERS, Superintendent, Roosevelt School, MANVILLE BORO, 0, $165,000
  265. PEDRO GARRIDO, Superintendent, ROSELLE PARK BORO, 4, $165,000
  266. MICHAEL FETHERMAN, Superintendent, CEDAR GROVE TWP, 23, $164,000
  267. GERALD NORTH, Superintendent, New Egypt High School, PLUMSTED TWP, 30, $164,000
  268. JAMES PEDERSEN, Superintendent, ESSEX CO VOC-TECH, 2, $163,863
  269. Henry Bermann, Superintendent, PITTSGROVE TWP, 50, $163,830
  270. ROBERT PRESUTO, Superintendent, BOONTON TOWN, 2, $163,594
  272. BRIAN REPICI, Superintendent, BLACK HORSE PIKE REGIONAL, 19, $163,366
  273. MARY ANN BELL, Superintendent, Burlington Township High School, BURLINGTON TWP, 12, $163,200
  274. Charles Ford, Interim Superintendent, DEPTFORD TWP, 20, $163,200
  275. KAREN THOMAS, Superintendent, Marion P. Thomas Charter School, MARION P. THOMAS CS, 15, $163,000
  276. MATTHEW MINGLE, Superintendent, WARREN TWP, 1, $162,345
  277. CHRISTOPHER D HUSS, Superintendent, Millstone Township Middle School, MILLSTONE TWP, 17, $162,000
  278. Annette Giaquinto, Superintendent, GALLOWAY TWP, 33, $161,596
  279. Daniel DelVecchio, Superintendent, CAMDEN CO ED SERV COMM, 11, $161,262
  280. Joseph Conway, Superintendent, Camden’s Promise Charter School, CAMDEN’S PROMISE CHARTER SCHOOL, 22, $161,250
  281. Eugene Mosley, Superintendent, DUNELLEN BORO, 29, $161,095
  282. BRUCE WATSON, Superintendent, GLEN ROCK BORO, 38, $161,000
  283. MARK SILVERSTEIN, Superintendent, GLASSBORO, 8, $160,650
  284. KAREN WOOD, Superintendent, BARNEGAT TWP, 6, $160,551
  285. Robin Chieco, Superintendent, HAMMONTON TOWN, 31, $160,000
  286. TIMOTHY TEEHAN, Superintendent, SOMERVILLE BORO, 5, $160,000
  287. Linda Freda, Superintendent, Gould/Mountain Elementary School, NORTH CALDWELL BORO, 11, $159,691
  288. SILVANA ZIRCHER, Superintendent, SOUTH RIVER BORO, 0, $159,000
  289. Dina Elliott, Superintendent, John F. Scarpa Technical Education Center of Cumberland Coun, CUMBERLAND CO VOCATIONAL, 20, $157,630
  290. Matthew Murphy, Superintendent, RAMSEY HIGH SCHOOL, RAMSEY BORO, 21, $157,500
  291. FRANK ROMANO, Superintendent, RIDGEFIELD BORO, 12, $157,500
  292. ERIC KOENIG, Superintendent, RIDGEFIELD PARK TWP, 28, $157,500
  293. EDWARD FORSTHOFFER, Superintendent, BORDENTOWN REGIONAL, 3, $157,500
  294. Richard Perry, Superintendent, Haddonfield Memorial High School, HADDONFIELD BORO, 7, $157,500
  295. Kenneth Koczur, Superintendent, PINE HILL BORO, 35, $157,500
  296. DAVID SALVO, Superintendent, MIDDLE TWP, 19, $157,500
  297. Daria Wasserbach, Superintendent, DELAWARE VALLEY REGIONAL HIGH SCHOOL, DELAWARE VALLEY REGIONAL, 22, $157,500
  298. SCOTT TAYLOR, Superintendent, HIGHLAND PARK BORO, 25, $157,500
  299. RICHARD FITZPATRICK, Superintendent, Newell Elementary School, UPPER FREEHOLD REGIONAL, 10, $157,500
  300. Frank Kasyan, Superintendent, MANASQUAN BORO, 3, $157,500
  301. Brett Charleston, Superintendent, PEQUANNOCK TWP, 17, $157,500
  302. VINCENT SMITH, Superintendent, POINT PLEASANT BORO, 9, $157,500
  303. ANTOINE GAYLES, Superintendent, HILLSIDE TWP, 18, $157,500
  304. EDWARD GRANDE, Superintendent, CLARK TWP, 18, $157,500
  305. Mark Valli, Superintendent, Community Charter School of Paterson, COMMUNITY CHARTER SCHOOL OF PATERSO, , $157,500
  307. KENNETH KNOPS, Interim Superintendent, SECAUCUS TOWN, 2, $157,500
  308. LISA SAVOIA, Superintendent, KEYPORT BORO, 9, $157,075
  309. CHRISTINE VESPE, Superintendent, Indian Mills Memorial School, SHAMONG TWP, 26, $156,503
  310. Stephen Cappello, Superintendent, CINNAMINSON TWP, 1, $156,500
  311. Andy Teeple, Superintendent, Monmouth Regional High School, MONMOUTH REGIONAL, 24, $156,083
  312. MATTHEW HELFANT, Superintendent, HASBROUCK HEIGHTS BORO, 19, $156,060
  313. Patrick McAleer, Superintendent, PITMAN BORO, 28, $156,000
  314. ELIZABETH GIACOBBE, Superintendent, Beverly City School, BEVERLY CITY, 7, $155,850
  315. VICTORIA ZELENAK, Superintendent, Cape May City Elementary School, CAPE MAY CITY, 39, $155,850
  316. MICHELLE V GADALETA, Superintendent, Essex Fells Elementary School, ESSEX FELLS BORO, 15, $155,850
  317. CHRISTINE CARLSON, Superintendent, Brielle Elementary School, BRIELLE BORO, 10, $155,850
  318. MITZI MORILLO, Superintendent, HILLTOP SCHOOL, MENDHAM BORO, 25, $155,850
  319. BARBARA RESKO, Superintendent, WATCHUNG BORO, 12, $155,850
  320. Lance Rozsa, Superintendent, Washington Memorial Elementary School, WASHINGTON BORO, 46, $155,849
  321. ADAM FRIED, Superintendent, Harrington Park School, HARRINGTON PARK BORO, 24, $155,750
  322. Salvatore Constantino, Superintendent, Mendham Township Elementary School, MENDHAM TWP, 16, $155,750
  323. Teresa Quigley, Superintendent, Lincoln, GARWOOD BORO, 21, $155,750
  324. JOHN J NIESZ, Superintendent, KEANSBURG BORO, 9, $155,500
  325. Earl Clymer, Superintendent, WARREN HILLS REGIONAL, 26, $155,500
  326. DENNIS VESPE, Superintendent, Somerdale Park School, SOMERDALE BORO, 6, $155,237
  327. Jason Kornegay, Superintendent, LEBANON TWP, 23, $155,000
  328. JOHN PAUL RUSSO, Superintendent, TINTON FALLS, 25, $155,000
  329. David Hallman, Superintendent, BELMAR BORO, 25, $155,000
  330. Rocco Tomazic, Superintendent, Park Avenue Elementary School, FREEHOLD BORO, 17, $155,000
  331. GREGORY MCGANN, Superintendent, ROCKAWAY TWP, 2, $155,000
  332. STEVEN FORTE, Superintendent, DENVILLE TWP, 3, $155,000
  333. PATRICIA CAPITELLI, Superintendent, Washington Park School, TOTOWA BORO, 14, $155,000
  334. Bryan Hensz, Superintendent, BYRAM TWP, 22, $155,000
  335. John Bormann, Superintendent, Forrestdale School, RUMSON BORO, 21, $154,876
  336. Nestor Collazo, Superintendent, Academy for Urban Leadership Charter School, ACADEMY FOR URBAN LEADERSHIP CHARTER SCHOOL, 45, $154,500
  337. Robin Ehrich, Superintendent, RIVERSIDE TWP, 29, $154,000
  338. LORI MOORE, Superintendent, LINDENWOLD BORO, 35, $154,000
  340. Piera Gravenor, Superintendent, Delsea Regional Middle School, DELSEA REGIONAL H.S DIST., 31, $153,270
  341. Mary Ellen Eck, Superintendent, Riverton School, RIVERTON, 29, $152,794
  342. Stephen Wisniewski, Superintendent, Bradley Beach Elementary School, BRADLEY BEACH BORO, 17, $152,794
  343. Christian Angelillo, Superintendent, Rockaway Valley School, BOONTON TWP, 18, $152,794
  344. ELAINE BALDWIN, Interim Superintendent, Samuel R. Donald Elementary School, BLOOMINGDALE BORO, 45, $152,794
  345. MELISSA VARLEY, Superintendent, FLORHAM PARK BORO, 2, $152,500
  346. Thomas F Attanasi, Superintendent, STRATFORD BORO, 9, $151,980
  347. Mark Napoleon, Superintendent, Sterling High School, STERLING HIGH SCHOOL DIST, 23, $151,925
  348. Kerry Postma, Superintendent, Eleanor Van Gelder, EDGEWATER BORO, 18, $151,525
  349. Frank Vogel, Superintendent, HAMILTON TWP, 1, $151,500
  351. SUSAN CICCOTELLI, Superintendent, FAIRFIELD TWP, 4, $150,750
  352. Braden Hirsch, Superintendent, Frankford Township School, FRANKFORD TWP, 17, $150,750
  353. Edward Kemp, Superintendent, Mansfield Township Elementary, MANSFIELD TWP, 38, $150,750
  354. Gayle Carrick, Interim Superintendent, Fredon Township School, FREDON TWP, 1, $150,628
  355. Anthony Petruzzelli, Superintendent, Westampton Township Middle School, WESTAMPTON, 26, $150,000
  356. RUTH LYNN DIPIETROPOLO, Superintendent, Woodbury Jr-Sr High School, WOODBURY CITY, 0, $150,000
  357. Pamela Canada Fiander, Superintendent, CLINTON TWP, 23, $150,000
  358. Dominique Lee, Superintendent, Achieve Community Charter School, ACHIEVE COMMUNITY CHARTER SCHOOL, 10, $150,000


  1. Paschal Tennaro, High School Principal, North Bergen High School, NORTH BERGEN TWP, 51, $258,000
  2. Peter Clark, Elementary School Principal, McKinley Elementary School, NORTH BERGEN TWP, 41, $228,800
  3. Bruce Sabatini, High School Principal, Northern Valley Regional High School at Old Tappan, NORTHERN VALLEY REGIONAL, 46, $226,932
  4. Verna Gray, Elementary School Principal, The Gray Charter School, GRAY CS, 41, $221,258
  5. WILLIAM MIRON, High School Principal, Millburn High School, MILLBURN TWP, 36, $203,151
  6. GARY SNYDER, High School Principal, Princeton High School, PRINCETON PUBLIC SCHOOLS, 31, $198,565
  7. ROBERT GINSBERG, Elementary School Principal, Johnson Park School, PRINCETON PUBLIC SCHOOLS, 40, $197,216
  8. Joseph Occhino, High School Principal, Northern Highlands Regional High School, NORTHERN HIGHLANDS REG, 17, $197,021
  9. Patrick Ciccone, Middle School Principal, Mendham Township Middle School, MENDHAM TWP, 19, $191,031
  10. THOMAS GORMAN, High School Principal, Ridgewood High School, RIDGEWOOD VILLAGE, 18, $190,320
  11. MICHAEL PARENT, Vocational School Principal, Passaic County Technical Institute, PASSAIC COUNTY VOCATIONAL, 18, $189,850
  12. PAUL SEMENDINGER, Elementary School Principal, Hawes Elementary School, RIDGEWOOD VILLAGE, 24, $189,807
  13. MARIE DE MAIO, Elementary School Principal, WASHINGTON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, WEST ORANGE TOWN, 55, $189,573
  14. LAWYER CHAPMAN, High School Principal, Alternative High School, CHERRY HILL TWP, 12, $188,800
  15. James Montesano, High School Principal, Hackensack High School, HACKENSACK CITY, 16, $188,426
  16. JOSEPH GIAMMARELLA, High School Principal, High Tech High School, HUDSON COUNTY VOCATIONAL, 23, $187,513
  17. Lorraine Brooks, High School Principal, River Dell Regional High School, RIVER DELL REGIONAL, 53, $187,374
  18. JEAN SCHOENLANK, Elementary School Principal, Ridge Elementary School, RIDGEWOOD VILLAGE, 11, $187,326
  19. EMIL BINOTTO, Middle School Principal, Hopatcong Middle School, HOPATCONG, 16, $187,089
  20. ANTHONY ORSINI, Middle School Principal, Benjamin Franklin Middle School, RIDGEWOOD VILLAGE, 19, $185,514
  21. Glenn deMarrais, High School Principal, PASCACK HILLS HIGH SCHOOL, PASCACK VALLEY REGIONAL, 33, $184,864
  22. Thomas DeMaio, High School Principal, PASCACK VALLEY HIGH SCHOOL, PASCACK VALLEY REGIONAL, 24, $184,864
  23. KATHERINE KASHMANIAN, Middle School Principal, George Washington Middle School, RIDGEWOOD VILLAGE, 28, $184,303
  24. CHERYL MALLEN, Elementary School Principal, Martha B. Day Elementary School, BLOOMINGDALE BORO, 36, $184,187
  25. JENNIFER CEDENO, Elementary School Principal, District Office, ELIZABETH CITY, 16, $184,119
  26. Vincent Przybylinski, High School Principal, POMPTON LAKES HIGH SCHOOL, POMPTON LAKES BORO, 22, $184,002
  29. Rafael Fraguela, Elementary School Principal, School No. 5, PASSAIC CITY, 35, $182,314
  30. HAYDEN MOORE, High School Principal, West Orange High School, WEST ORANGE TOWN, 19, $182,241
  31. John Fabbo, Middle School Principal, TENAFLY MIDDLE SCHOOL, TENAFLY BORO, 21, $182,083
  32. BARBARA MENDOLLA, Vocational School Principal, County Prep High School, HUDSON COUNTY VOCATIONAL, 36, $181,656
  33. ANDREW PERRY, Elementary School Principal, WASHINGTON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, WESTFIELD TOWN, 26, $180,789
  34. James Marcella, High School Principal, FAIR LAWN HIGH SCHOOL, FAIR LAWN PUBLIC SCHOOLS, 34, $180,624
  35. Joy Dorsey-Whiting, Elementary School Principal, Fanny Meyer Hillers, HACKENSACK CITY, 23, $180,346
  36. CHRISTOPHER IASIELLO, Middle School Principal, Dwight D. Eisenhower Middle School, WYCKOFF TWP, 17, $180,015
  37. Louis Shadiack, Elementary School Principal, Lincoln School, POMPTON LAKES BORO, 46, $179,949
  38. GAIL PAWLIKOWSKI, High School Principal, John P. Stevens High School, EDISON TWP, 32, $179,763
  39. Nancy Iatesta, Middle School Principal, BRIDGEWATER-RARITAN MIDDLE SCHOOL, BRIDGEWATER-RARITAN REG, 19, $179,661
  40. JOANNE POLLARA, Elementary School Principal, KELLY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, WEST ORANGE TOWN, 31, $179,611
  41. MARGARET LEININGER, Elementary School Principal, Travell Elementary School, RIDGEWOOD VILLAGE, 10, $179,526
  42. BRUCE WINKELSTEIN, Middle School Principal, Brookside, ALLENDALE BORO, 18, $179,485
  43. JONATHAN DAUBER, High School Principal, West Windsor-Plainsboro High School North, W WINDSOR-PLAINSBORO REG, 12, $179,438
  44. Jeffrey Swanson, High School Principal, Roxbury High School, ROXBURY TWP, 40, $179,416
  45. CAROLE TERRIZZI, High School Principal, Bergen County Technical High School – Paramus, BERGEN COUNTY VOCATIONAL, 37, $179,370
  46. Barbara Ciambra, Elementary School Principal, Heights Elementary School, OAKLAND BORO, 27, $179,048
  47. Mark Morrell, High School Principal, BRIDGEWATER-RARITAN HIGH SCHOOL, BRIDGEWATER-RARITAN REG, 23, $178,914
  48. CHERYL MORETZ, Elementary School Principal, Brayton Elementary School, SUMMIT CITY, 26, $178,391
  49. Anthony Colasurdo, High School Principal, Weehawken High School, WEEHAWKEN TWP, 45, $178,367
  50. DAVID HEISEY, High School Principal, Scotch Plains-Fanwood High School, SCOTCH PLAINS-FANWOOD REG, 34, $178,056
  51. Adam Silverstein, Elementary School Principal, Manito Elementary School, OAKLAND BORO, 18, $177,968
  52. LORNA JANE OATES-SANTOS, Elementary School Principal, Somerville Elementary School, RIDGEWOOD VILLAGE, 13, $177,926
  53. DENNIS LEPOLD, High School Principal, West Windsor-Plainsboro High School South, W WINDSOR-PLAINSBORO REG, 25, $177,720
  55. KENNETH PACE, High School Principal, COLONIA HIGH SCHOOL, WOODBRIDGE TWP, 34, $177,692
  56. Joseph Diskin, Elementary School Principal, EISENHOWER INTERMEDIATE SCHOOL, BRIDGEWATER-RARITAN REG, 16, $177,652
  57. ROBERT F PATTEN, Elementary School Principal, MATTHEW JAGO ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, WOODBRIDGE TWP, 45, $177,626
  58. GERALD LYONS, High School Principal, Knowledge Advanced Skills, HUDSON COUNTY VOCATIONAL, 30, $177,592
  59. KEVIN STANSBERRY, High School Principal, Mount Olive High School, MOUNT OLIVE TWP, 20, $177,428
  60. JOHN ARLOTTA, High School Principal, GLEN ROCK HIGH SCHOOL, GLEN ROCK BORO, 33, $177,402
  61. ARLENE ROGO, Middle School Principal, NEPTUNE MIDDLE SCHOOL, NEPTUNE TWP, 23, $177,390
  62. Celso King, Middle School Principal, Hackensack Middle School, HACKENSACK CITY, 19, $177,014
  63. Lillian Whitaker, Elementary School Principal, Nellie K. Parker, HACKENSACK CITY, 41, $176,928
  64. Rhonda Ashton-Loeb, Elementary School Principal, Fairmount, HACKENSACK CITY, 25, $176,928
  65. Gregory Robertson, High School Principal, Madison High School, MADISON BORO, 30, $176,414
  66. John Pascale, High School Principal, Mahwah High School, MAHWAH TWP, 27, $176,077
  67. Darren Groh, High School Principal, Chatham High School, SCH DIST OF THE CHATHAMS, 18, $176,000
  68. ROSALEEN SIRCHIO, High School Principal, Wall High School, WALL TWP, 26, $175,878
  69. ROBERT FAMULARO, Elementary School Principal, Calvin Coolidge Elementary School, WYCKOFF TWP, 22, $175,515
  70. SCOTT BLAKE, Elementary School Principal, George Washington Elementary School, WYCKOFF TWP, 24, $175,515
  71. STEPHEN RAIMO, Elementary School Principal, Sicomac Elementary School, WYCKOFF TWP, 21, $175,515
  72. Patrick Gagliardi, Middle School Principal, West New York Middle School, WEST NEW YORK TOWN, 24, $175,200
  73. Tracy Handerhan, High School Principal, RUMSON-FAIR HAVEN REGIONAL HIGH SCHOOL, RUMSON-FAIR HAVEN REG, 24, $175,160
  74. SUZANNE COOLEY, High School Principal, Hunterdon Central Regional High School District, HUNTERDON CENTRAL REG, 21, $175,000
  75. Theresa Adubato, Elementary School Principal, Robert Treat Academy Charter School, ROBERT TREAT ACADEMY CS, 25, $175,000
  76. Robert Sileo, Elementary School Principal, Julia A Traphagen School, WALDWICK BORO, 17, $174,937
  77. LEONARD IANNELLI, High School Principal, Cherokee High School, LENAPE REGIONAL, 33, $174,578
  79. Glenn Clark, Elementary School Principal, Dogwood Hill Elementary School, OAKLAND BORO, 43, $174,268
  80. EILEEN CAMBRIA, Elementary School Principal, FRANKLIN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, WESTFIELD TOWN, 10, $174,190
  81. ROBERT ZIKA, Middle School Principal, Lincoln Middle School, KEARNY TOWN, 29, $174,074
  82. JOHN A CROWE, Junior High School Principal, WOODBRIDGE MIDDLE SCHOOL, WOODBRIDGE TWP, 22, $173,921
  83. Scott Helfand, Middle School Principal, MEMORIAL MIDDLE SCHOOL, FAIR LAWN PUBLIC SCHOOLS, 24, $173,610
  84. ERIC WILHELM, High School Principal, Southern Regional High School, SOUTHERN REGIONAL, 28, $173,567
  85. ADAM ANGELOZZI, High School Principal, Manalapan High School, FREEHOLD REGIONAL, 9, $173,447
  86. FRANCINE PARKER, Elementary School Principal, Christopher Columbus Middle School, CLIFTON CITY, 40, $173,211
  87. Richard Baccarella, High School Principal, Bayonne High School, BAYONNE CITY, 42, $173,189
  88. MARTHA SIMON, Middle School Principal, Carl Sandburg Middle School, OLD BRIDGE TWP, 22, $173,071
  89. ROBERT KLEMT, Middle School Principal, LIBERTY MIDDLE SCHOOL, WEST ORANGE TOWN, 28, $172,985
  90. Richard Freedman, Middle School Principal, River Dell Middle School, RIVER DELL REGIONAL, 25, $172,715
  91. VINCENT SASSO, High School Principal, Old Bridge High School, OLD BRIDGE TWP, 19, $172,594
  92. LORRAINE AIREY, Middle School Principal, Southern Regional Middle School, SOUTHERN REGIONAL, 34, $172,567
  93. JAMES EARLE, High School Principal, Montclair High School, MONTCLAIR TOWN, 27, $172,415
  94. KAREN BINGERT, High School Principal, Hillsborough High School, HILLSBOROUGH TWP, 25, $172,301
  95. NANETTE ROTONDA, Elementary School Principal, Belleville PS5, BELLEVILLE TOWN, 43, $172,266
  96. Christopher Moran, Elementary School Principal, Jackson Avenue, HACKENSACK CITY, 18, $172,130
  97. CALEB RHODES, High School Principal, Belleville High School, BELLEVILLE TOWN, 2, $171,971
  98. RUSSELL DAVIS, High School Principal, Bergen County Academies, BERGEN COUNTY VOCATIONAL, 25, $171,762
  99. Dennis Ventrello, Elementary School Principal, Applegarth Elementary School, MONROE TWP, 46, $171,711
  100. SANDRA D MICKENS, Elementary School Principal, SCHOOL 25, PATERSON CITY, 34, $171,676
  101. Mark Stern, High School Principal, Livingston High School, LIVINGSTON TWP, 17, $171,568
  102. SHARON VINCENT, Elementary School Principal, Benjamin Banneker Academy, EAST ORANGE, 27, $171,535
  103. HENRY HAMILTON, Elementary School Principal, Whitney E. Houston Academy, EAST ORANGE, 57, $171,535
  104. DOROTEA D’AMICO, High School Principal, GARFIELD HIGH SCHOOL, GARFIELD CITY, 27, $171,534
  105. DOREEN VELARDI, Elementary School Principal, GARFIELD AUXILIARY MS/HS, GARFIELD CITY, 28, $171,534
  106. HOWARD WALKER, Middle School Principal, Patrick F. Healy Middle School, EAST ORANGE, 36, $171,449
  107. ALFRED F BAFFA, Elementary School Principal, HILLSIDE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, CLOSTER BORO, 24, $171,238
  108. VALDEMAR CATTANI, High School Principal, Lenape High School, LENAPE REGIONAL, 18, $171,181
  109. JEFFREY SPECTOR, High School Principal, Seneca High School, LENAPE REGIONAL, 30, $171,181
  110. MATTHEW CAMPBELL, High School Principal, Shawnee High School, LENAPE REGIONAL, 18, $171,159
  111. TAMMY BOWLING, Elementary School Principal, Sunnymead Elementary School, HILLSBOROUGH TWP, 24, $171,047
  112. TROY LEDERMAN, High School Principal, Park Ridge High School, PARK RIDGE BORO, 6, $171,041
  113. DONNA CHARLESWORTH, High School Principal, Cherokee High School, LENAPE REGIONAL, 33, $170,971
  114. LAUREN BANKER, Elementary School Principal, Washington Elementary School, SUMMIT CITY, 15, $170,941
  115. SHARON ALSBROOK-DAVIS, Elementary School Principal, George Washington Carver Institute, EAST ORANGE, 20, $170,785
  116. ERIC PRICE, Elementary School Principal, ST. CLOUD ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, WEST ORANGE TOWN, 12, $170,663
  117. AMY PHELAN, Elementary School Principal, Marion T. Bedwell Elementary School, SOMERSET HILLS REGIONAL, 10, $170,589
  118. JON ZIMMERMAN, Elementary School Principal, Washington Elementary School, KEARNY TOWN, 27, $170,574
  119. LUCY ANN DEMIKOFF, Elementary School Principal, Belleville PS7, BELLEVILLE TOWN, 26, $170,466
  120. JASON BURR, Middle School Principal, John Witherspoon Middle School, PRINCETON PUBLIC SCHOOLS, 21, $170,459
  121. Mark Manning, High School Principal, MORRISTOWN HIGH SCHOOL, MORRIS SCHOOL DISTRICT, 16, $170,428
  122. Molly Dinning, Elementary School Principal, John Y Dater Elementary School, RAMSEY BORO, 21, $170,354
  123. RISA CLAY, High School Principal, RED BANK REGIONAL HIGH SCHOOL, RED BANK REGIONAL, 25, $170,153
  124. KENNETH J PALCZEWSKI, High School Principal, WAYNE VALLEY HIGH SCHOOL, WAYNE TWP, 29, $170,115
  125. WILLIAM GRIPPO, Elementary School Principal, MacAfee Road School, FRANKLIN TWP, 47, $170,031
  126. KAREN A JOHNSON, High School Principal, District Office, PATERSON CITY, 38, $170,016
  128. SHAUNA ANGELINA CARTER, Middle School Principal, Community Middle School, W WINDSOR-PLAINSBORO REG, 10, $170,002
  129. CHRISTINA SCANO, Elementary School Principal, John P. Holland Charter School, JOHN P HOLLAND CHARTER SCHOOL, 18, $170,000
  130. Edward Chmiel, High School Principal, Ewing High School, EWING TWP, 26, $169,893
  131. MICHAEL VINELLA, High School Principal, East Brunswick High School, EAST BRUNSWICK TWP, 22, $169,869
  132. JAMES RIORDAN, Elementary School Principal, Richard Stockton Elementary School, CHERRY HILL TWP, 14, $169,837
  133. Phillip Williamson, High School Principal, Plainfield High School, PLAINFIELD CITY, 34, $169,828
  134. JERARD STEPHENSON, High School Principal, North Plainfield High School, NORTH PLAINFIELD BORO, 19, $169,584
  135. KEVIN HOLLOWAY, Middle School Principal, Terrill Middle School, SCOTCH PLAINS-FANWOOD REG, 14, $169,409
  136. Joseph Walsh, Elementary School Principal, JOHN F KENNEDY PRIMARY SCHOOL, BRIDGEWATER-RARITAN REG, 17, $169,377
  137. LINDA WEBER, Elementary School Principal, RICHARD E BYRD, GLEN ROCK BORO, 32, $169,287
  138. James Brown, High School Principal, Sayreville War Memorial High School, SAYREVILLE BORO, 41, $169,239
  139. ANNA SCIACCA, Middle School Principal, GARFIELD MIDDLE SCHOOL, GARFIELD CITY, 42, $169,173
  140. MICHAEL RAJ, Elementary School Principal, Cedar Hill School, MONTVILLE TWP, 11, $169,121
  141. LINDA JEWELL, High School Principal, Freehold Borough High School, FREEHOLD REGIONAL, 12, $168,947
  142. JEREMY BRAVERMAN, High School Principal, Howell High School, FREEHOLD REGIONAL, 21, $168,947
  143. ELIZABETH HIGLEY, High School Principal, Freehold Township High School, FREEHOLD REGIONAL, 16, $168,947
  144. VALERIE IACONO, Elementary School Principal, Schuyler Elementary School, KEARNY TOWN, 23, $168,929
  145. MICHAEL DONOVAN, Elementary School Principal, Ridgewood Avenue School, GLEN RIDGE BORO, 19, $168,857
  146. JAMES DONOHUE, High School Principal, Ridgefield Park Jr Sr High School, RIDGEFIELD PARK TWP, 28, $168,837
  147. Michael Thumm, High School Principal, RAMSEY HIGH SCHOOL, RAMSEY BORO, 21, $168,741
  148. XAVIER FITZGERALD, Middle School Principal, EDISON MIDDLE SCHOOL, WEST ORANGE TOWN, 12, $168,710
  149. JEANINE NOSTRAME, Elementary School Principal, Ridge Ranch Elementary School, PARAMUS BORO, 26, $168,710
  150. Robert Goodall, High School Principal, Monroe Township High School, MONROE TWP, 23, $168,709
  151. DOROTHY DOUGE, High School Principal, District Office, PATERSON CITY, 11, $168,636
  152. PATRICIA VARI CARTIER, High School Principal, Middletown High School North, MIDDLETOWN TWP, 36, $168,565
  153. YVONNE CALI, Elementary School Principal, Franklin Elementary School, KEARNY TOWN, 23, $168,499
  154. ABDULSALEEM HASAN, High School Principal, East Orange Campus High School, EAST ORANGE, 10, $168,449
  155. Victoria Dickson, Middle School Principal, Union Hill Middle School, UNION CITY, 42, $168,436
  156. Rolando Cabana, Elementary School Principal, District Office, UNION CITY, 41, $168,436
  158. Margaret Kerr, Elementary School Principal, CRIM PRIMARY SCHOOL, BRIDGEWATER-RARITAN REG, 14, $168,217
  159. EDWARD BERTOLINI, High School Principal, Leonia High School, LEONIA BORO, 18, $167,950
  160. Les Hanna, Elementary School Principal, George Washington Elementary School, UNION CITY, 39, $167,886
  161. Faith Tieri, Elementary School Principal, Robert Waters Elementary School, UNION CITY, 36, $167,886
  162. CATHERINE KOBYLARZ, Elementary School Principal, Stony Brook School, NORTH PLAINFIELD BORO, 39, $167,884
  163. CAROLINE HOFFMAN, Elementary School Principal, Willard Elementary School, RIDGEWOOD VILLAGE, 3, $167,874
  164. DENISE HEITMAN, Elementary School Principal, Cherry Hill School, RIVER EDGE BORO, 34, $167,853
  165. MIRVA RIVERA, Middle School Principal, District Office, PATERSON CITY, 40, $167,790
  166. CHARLES ROSS, High School Principal, Edison High School, EDISON TWP, 23, $167,679
  167. PATRICIA NIELIWOCKI, Middle School Principal, Marlboro Middle School, MARLBORO TWP, 42, $167,626
  168. MARY NUNN, Middle School Principal, Valley View School, WATCHUNG BORO, 37, $167,510
  169. ALEXIS ECKERT, Middle School Principal, Ho-Ho-Kus Public School, HO HO KUS BORO, 32, $167,500
  170. BRIAN DONAHUE, High School Principal, Colts Neck High School, FREEHOLD REGIONAL, 17, $167,429
  171. SUSAN GALBRAITH, Elementary School Principal, Sycamore Drive Early Childhood Learning Center, HAZLET TWP, 11, $167,372
  172. Scott Wohlrab, High School Principal, Memorial High School, WEST NEW YORK TOWN, 18, $167,250
  173. Israel Rodriguez, Elementary School Principal, District Office, WEST NEW YORK TOWN, 32, $167,058
  174. Jane Costa, Elementary School Principal, Oak Street School, BERNARDS TWP, 19, $166,953
  175. EDWARD THOMPSON, Elementary School Principal, CLARA E COLEMAN SCHOOL, GLEN ROCK BORO, 22, $166,787
  176. Martha OConnell, Elementary School Principal, Theodore Roosevelt Elementary School, UNION CITY, 27, $166,786
  177. Catalina Tamargo, Elementary School Principal, Veterans’ Memorial Elementary School, UNION CITY, 27, $166,786
  178. Geraldine Perez, Elementary School Principal, Sara M. Gilmore Academy, UNION CITY, 25, $166,786
  179. Michael Celebrano, Elementary School Principal, Jefferson Elementary School, UNION CITY, 26, $166,786
  180. LAMONT THOMAS, Middle School Principal, Thomas R Grover Middle School, W WINDSOR-PLAINSBORO REG, 2, $166,783
  181. Jo Tandler, Elementary School Principal, Riker Hill Elementary School, LIVINGSTON TWP, 42, $166,549
  182. LORETTA ZIMMER, Elementary School Principal, Middle Road School, HAZLET TWP, 48, $166,512
  183. DOUGLAS SANFORD, High School Principal, Montville Township High School, MONTVILLE TWP, 6, $166,358
  184. Matthew Weber, High School Principal, Harrison High School, HARRISON TOWN, 16, $166,301
  185. PATRICIA GASPARINI, Elementary School Principal, William Woodruff School, BERKELEY HEIGHTS TWP, 33, $166,208
  186. GAIL CLARKE, Elementary School Principal, Northeast Elementary School, MONTCLAIR TOWN, 29, $166,150
  187. RICHARD ALLEN, High School Principal, District Office, NEPTUNE TWP, 34, $165,969
  188. SUSAN ROVELL, Elementary School Principal, Belleville PS8, BELLEVILLE TOWN, 21, $165,962
  189. James Miller, Elementary School Principal, Tewksbury Elementary School, TEWKSBURY TWP, 41, $165,958
  191. GEORGE ALEXIS, High School Principal, Watchung Hills Regional High School, WATCHUNG HILLS REGIONAL, 37, $165,765
  192. MARION LAMBERTI, Elementary School Principal, Swimming River School, TINTON FALLS, 19, $165,728
  193. PATRICIA COTOIA, Middle School Principal, Woodrow Wilson Middle School, EDISON TWP, 27, $165,670
  194. LARRY KOSTULA, Middle School Principal, Township of Ocean Intermediate School, OCEAN TWP, 39, $165,435
  195. Janet Grooms, Middle School Principal, Maxson Middle School, PLAINFIELD CITY, 26, $165,366
  196. KELLY SALAZAR, Elementary School Principal, Deerfield School, MILLBURN TWP, 24, $165,349
  197. LOURDES C RODRIGUEZ, Elementary School Principal, ROBERTO CLEMENTE, PATERSON CITY, 46, $165,327
  198. BARTOLOMEO CANDELINO, Elementary School Principal, District Office, ELIZABETH CITY, 39, $165,250
  199. KARL MUNDI, Elementary School Principal, Cozy Lake Elementary School, JEFFERSON TWP, 10, $165,192
  200. THOMAS FERRY, Elementary School Principal, Cheesequake Elementary School, OLD BRIDGE TWP, 19, $165,071
  201. KIMBERLEY GILES, Elementary School Principal, William A. Miller Elementary School, OLD BRIDGE TWP, 23, $165,071
  202. ANTHONY ARICO III, Elementary School Principal, Virgil I. Grissom Elementary School, OLD BRIDGE TWP, 18, $165,071
  203. CHARLES BONANNO, High School Principal, WOODROW WILSON SCHOOL #5, GARFIELD CITY, 15, $165,034
  204. Richard Coppola, High School Principal, Manasquan High School, MANASQUAN BORO, 10, $164,927
  205. CURT FOGAS, Middle School Principal, Hillside Avenue School, CRANFORD TWP, 38, $164,921
  206. Lea Turro, Middle School Principal, Lincoln School, FAIRVIEW BORO, 32, $164,901
  207. LIONEL HUSH, Middle School Principal, ROOSEVELT MIDDLE SCHOOL, WEST ORANGE TOWN, 12, $164,859
  208. Sherrie Galofaro, Middle School Principal, THOMAS JEFFERSON MIDDLE SCHOOL, FAIR LAWN PUBLIC SCHOOLS, 36, $164,591
  210. Gregg Desiderio, Middle School Principal, Valley Middle School, OAKLAND BORO, 22, $164,378
  211. DEBORAH IOSSO, High School Principal, Randolph High School, RANDOLPH TWP, 39, $164,272
  212. JOSEPH SHORT, Middle School Principal, AVENEL MIDDLE SCHOOL, WOODBRIDGE TWP, 19, $164,213
  213. REGINALD SAINTE-ROSE, Elementary School Principal, Somerset School, NORTH PLAINFIELD BORO, 10, $164,184
  214. JOHN FARINELLA, High School Principal, Rahway High School, RAHWAY CITY, 9, $164,140
  215. THOMAS CALLANAN, High School Principal, Hanover Park High School, HANOVER PARK REGIONAL, 19, $164,138
  216. GRACE M GIGLIO, Elementary School Principal, NORMAN S WEIR, PATERSON CITY, 38, $164,127
  217. Shirl Burns, Elementary School Principal, Englewood on the Palisades Charter School, ENGLEWOOD ON THE PALISADES CHARTER SCHOOL, 34, $164,095
  218. CHRISTOPHER ANNIBAL, Elementary School Principal, ABRAHAM LINCOLN SCHOOL #6, GARFIELD CITY, 19, $164,012
  219. JENNIFER ALFONSO, Elementary School Principal, ROOSEVELT SCHOOL #7, GARFIELD CITY, 19, $164,012
  220. SALLY BULGER, Elementary School Principal, JAMES MADISON SCHOOL #10, GARFIELD CITY, 17, $164,012
  221. VALERIE STEWART, Elementary School Principal, Garfield Public Preschool 3 at Headstart, GARFIELD CITY, 16, $164,012
  222. DENNIS PERRY, High School Principal, Cherry Hill High School East, CHERRY HILL TWP, 12, $163,694
  223. KWAME MORTON, High School Principal, Cherry Hill High School West, CHERRY HILL TWP, 9, $163,694
  224. JOSEPH MARINZOLI, Elementary School Principal, Alan B. Shepard Elementary School, OLD BRIDGE TWP, 19, $163,683
  225. Glenn Famous, Elementary School Principal, Brooks Crossing Elementary School, SOUTH BRUNSWICK TWP, 31, $163,500
  226. DAVID BLEAKLEY, High School Principal, Marlboro High School, FREEHOLD REGIONAL, 14, $163,369
  227. STEVEN WAY, Elementary School Principal, ROOSEVELT, KEARNY TOWN, 14, $163,349
  228. MARK ALFONE, Elementary School Principal, Midtown Community Elementary School, NEPTUNE TWP, 18, $163,257
  229. CYNTHIA HULSE, Elementary School Principal, Midland Elementary School, PARAMUS BORO, 23, $163,170
  230. SUZANNE BARBI, Elementary School Principal, Parkway Elementary School, PARAMUS BORO, 17, $163,170
  231. THOMAS MARSHALL, Elementary School Principal, Stony Lane Elementary School, PARAMUS BORO, 16, $163,170
  232. Kevin Carroll, High School Principal, Waldwick High School, WALDWICK BORO, 11, $163,136
  233. Michael Meyers, Junior High School Principal, Waldwick Middle School, WALDWICK BORO, 14, $163,075
  234. WILLIAM REZES, Middle School Principal, Jonas Salk Middle School, OLD BRIDGE TWP, 15, $162,916
  236. JOAN VALENTINE, Middle School Principal, John Adams Middle School, EDISON TWP, 17, $162,716
  237. KELLY ANN CILENTO, Middle School Principal, ISELIN MIDDLE SCHOOL, WOODBRIDGE TWP, 15, $162,635
  238. WAYNE RAMSEY, Elementary School Principal, Cove Road School, HAZLET TWP, 18, $162,632
  239. JOSEPH PUTRINO, Middle School Principal, Glenfield Middle School, MONTCLAIR TOWN, 17, $162,619
  240. Karen Hudock, Middle School Principal, William Annin Middle School, BERNARDS TWP, 23, $162,565
  241. VICTA MCKENZIE, High School Principal, Middletown High School North, MIDDLETOWN TWP, 38, $162,500
  242. Ryan MacNaughton, High School Principal, Morris Knolls High School, MORRIS HILLS REGIONAL, 16, $162,500
  243. Todd Toriello, High School Principal, Morris Hills High School, MORRIS HILLS REGIONAL, 14, $162,500
  244. LAURIE ANNE COLETTI, Elementary School Principal, James A. McDivitt Elementary School, OLD BRIDGE TWP, 32, $162,433
  245. Robert Reiman, Elementary School Principal, Robert Menendez Elementary School, WEST NEW YORK TOWN, 24, $162,432
  246. MATTHEW BARBOSA, Middle School Principal, Branchburg Central Middle School, BRANCHBURG TWP, 29, $162,365
  247. RICHARD CALDES, High School Principal, Brick Township Memorial High School, BRICK TWP, 26, $162,347
  248. DENNIS COPELAND, Middle School Principal, Randolph Middle School, RANDOLPH TWP, 11, $162,295
  249. MICHAEL REWICK, High School Principal, WAYNE HILLS HIGH SCHOOL, WAYNE TWP, 19, $162,289
  250. JILL SACK, Middle School Principal, BUZZ ALDRIN MIDDLE SCHOOL, MONTCLAIR TOWN, 32, $162,250
  251. ANTHONY ABEAL, Elementary School Principal, West Belmar Elementary School, WALL TWP, 25, $162,230
  252. GARY SUDA, High School Principal, Kinnelon High School, KINNELON BORO, 2, $162,191
  253. Angela Bento, High School Principal, PLAINFIELD ACADEMY FOR THE ARTS & ADVANCED STUDIES, PLAINFIELD CITY, 31, $162,154
  254. Anthony Jenkins, Junior High School Principal, Washington Community School, PLAINFIELD CITY, 28, $162,154
  255. CHRISTINE MCCAFFERY, Elementary School Principal, West Ridge Elementary School, PARK RIDGE BORO, 44, $162,065
  256. JODI MULHOLLAND, Elementary School Principal, Stonybrook Elementary School, KINNELON BORO, 13, $162,013
  257. RONALD PETERSON, High School Principal, Voorhees High School, N HUNT/VOORHEES REGIONAL, 22, $162,007
  258. KEVIN DI EUGENIO, High School Principal, Jackson Memorial High School, JACKSON TWP, 23, $161,904
  259. Mary Jo McKinley, High School Principal, Academy Charter High School, ACADEMY CHARTER HIGH SCHOOL, 32, $161,746
  260. BRIAN MC GRATH, Middle School Principal, Herbert Hoover Middle School, EDISON TWP, 14, $161,692
  261. JAMES FASANO, High School Principal, Bergenfield High School, BERGENFIELD BORO, 23, $161,689
  262. Dennis Mudrick, Elementary School Principal, Walnut Ridge Primary School, VERNON TWP, 33, $161,553
  263. CURTIS BRACK, Elementary School Principal, Garfield Elementary School, KEARNY TOWN, 19, $161,420
  265. RAYMOND PAYTON, Elementary School Principal, Memorial Elementary School, OLD BRIDGE TWP, 19, $161,344
  266. ROSEANN BONINO, Elementary School Principal, Millstone River School, W WINDSOR-PLAINSBORO REG, 23, $161,268
  267. JACK LEONARD, Middle School Principal, GEORGE WASHINGTON MIDDLE SCHOOL, WAYNE TWP, 5, $161,237
  268. MARY ANN MULLADY, Elementary School Principal, Amsterdam Elementary School, HILLSBOROUGH TWP, 29, $161,192
  270. Caryn Cooper, Elementary School Principal, Frederic W. Cook Elementary School, PLAINFIELD CITY, 27, $161,154
  271. TIMOTHY DOLAN, High School Principal, Old Bridge High School, OLD BRIDGE TWP, 20, $161,028
  272. RICARDO ACOSTA, Elementary School Principal, Belleville PS3, BELLEVILLE TOWN, 9, $160,961
  273. Christina Mercun, Elementary School Principal, Midtown Community School #8, BAYONNE CITY, 44, $160,949
  274. Joseph Fulco, Elementary School Principal, HENRY B. MILNES ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, FAIR LAWN PUBLIC SCHOOLS, 12, $160,885
  275. DENIS MULROONY, High School Principal, Parsippany High School, PARSIPPANY-TROY HILLS TWP, 16, $160,877
  276. Andrew Seibel, High School Principal, Moorestown High School, MOORESTOWN TWP, 13, $160,862
  277. ANTOINETTE EMDEN, Middle School Principal, Thomas Jefferson Middle School, EDISON TWP, 19, $160,810
  278. Chari Chanley, Middle School Principal, MONROE TWP MIDDLE SCHOOL, MONROE TWP, 24, $160,742
  279. Mark Williams, Elementary School Principal, Charles H. Stillman Elementary School, PLAINFIELD CITY, 22, $160,654
  280. BJ Delores BROWNLAWSON, Elementary School Principal, Evergreen Elementary School, PLAINFIELD CITY, 23, $160,654
  281. GRACE MORIARTY, Elementary School Principal, District Office, JERSEY CITY, 43, $160,650
  282. TIMOTHY PLOTTS, High School Principal, Jefferson Township High School, JEFFERSON TWP, 11, $160,518
  283. LAVERNE OBOYLE, Elementary School Principal, Memorial Elementary School, PARAMUS BORO, 14, $160,390
  284. George Rauh, Elementary School Principal, VAN HOLTEN PRIMARY SCHOOL, BRIDGEWATER-RARITAN REG, 15, $160,376
  286. CHARLES SILVERSTEIN, Middle School Principal, Memorial Middle School, WOODLAND PARK, 22, $160,252
  287. Matthew Lembo, Elementary School Principal, MILLTOWN PRIMARY SCHOOL, BRIDGEWATER-RARITAN REG, 10, $160,197
  288. DINEEN GRUCHACZ, Elementary School Principal, Community Park School, PRINCETON PUBLIC SCHOOLS, 12, $160,196
  289. ROSEMARY GIACOMELLI, Elementary School Principal, School No. 1, FORT LEE BORO, 38, $160,156
  290. FRANK GEIGER, Middle School Principal, Columbia Middle School, BERKELEY HEIGHTS TWP, 17, $160,090
  291. DAVID JASIN, Elementary School Principal, Glenwood School, MILLBURN TWP, 17, $160,083
  292. DORA CAVALLO, Elementary School Principal, Belleville PS4, BELLEVILLE TOWN, 8, $160,066
  293. Peter Varela, High School Principal, South Brunswick High School, SOUTH BRUNSWICK TWP, 14, $160,000
  294. KIMBERLY WRIGHT-WHITE, High School Principal, Marion P. Thomas Charter School, MARION P. THOMAS CS, 2, $160,000
  295. Mark Daniels, Middle School Principal, Crossroads North Middle School, SOUTH BRUNSWICK TWP, 20, $160,000
  296. PATRICIA KENNEDY, Elementary School Principal, Valley View School, MONTVILLE TWP, 12, $159,935
  297. MAUREEN BUTLER, High School Principal, Jackson Liberty High School, JACKSON TWP, 29, $159,904
  298. Debra Ostrowski, Middle School Principal, Mount Pleasant Middle School, LIVINGSTON TWP, 29, $159,843
  299. Cynthia Healy, Elementary School Principal, Harrison Elementary School, LIVINGSTON TWP, 32, $159,843
  300. Erica Stewart, High School Principal, Career and Innovation Academy of Orange, CITY OF ORANGE TWP, 25, $159,810
  301. TRAVIS SMITH, High School Principal, RAMAPO HIGH SCHOOL, RAMAPO-INDIAN HILL REG, 1, $159,681
  302. DOROTHY BULLOCK-FERNANDES, Elementary School Principal, Brighton Avenue School, ATLANTIC CITY, 38, $159,622
  303. Jill Gihorski, Middle School Principal, Chatham Middle School, SCH DIST OF THE CHATHAMS, 26, $159,605
  304. Nicole Harris, Elementary School Principal, PARKWAY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, EWING TWP, 23, $159,585
  305. Barbara McNerney, Elementary School Principal, Hudson Elementary School, UNION CITY, 21, $159,581
  306. Drew Krause, High School Principal, Ridge High School, BERNARDS TWP, 0, $159,555
  307. JOSEPH TRYBULSKI, Middle School Principal, Hillsborough Township Middle School, HILLSBOROUGH TWP, 25, $159,525
  308. JAIME MORALES JR, High School Principal, District Office, JERSEY CITY, 27, $159,500
  309. Jennifer Wirt, Middle School Principal, GLEN ROCK MIDDLE SCHOOL, GLEN ROCK BORO, 22, $159,499
  310. STEVEN PREVILLE, Elementary School Principal, Benjamin Franklin Elementary School, EDISON TWP, 29, $159,452
  311. DIANE PISTILLI, Elementary School Principal, District Office, JERSEY CITY, 41, $159,400
  312. GLENDA JENNINGS, Elementary School Principal, District Office, JERSEY CITY, 40, $159,400
  313. DAWN REYNOLDS, Elementary School Principal, District Office, JERSEY CITY, 41, $159,400
  314. JOANNA VELOZ, Elementary School Principal, District Office, JERSEY CITY, 36, $159,400
  315. MARISA MIGLIOZZI, Elementary School Principal, District Office, JERSEY CITY, 36, $159,400
  316. FRANK PICCILLO, Elementary School Principal, District Office, JERSEY CITY, 42, $159,400
  318. JAY BILLY, Elementary School Principal, Slackwood Elementary School, LAWRENCE TWP, 25, $159,256
  319. ERIC LAUGHLIN, Elementary School Principal, Old Mill Elementary School, WALL TWP, 16, $159,230
  320. ETHAN MAAYAN, Elementary School Principal, JAMES FALLON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, WAYNE TWP, 25, $159,214
  321. CHERYLE RICHARDSON-EVANS, High School Principal, District Office, JERSEY CITY, 38, $159,200
  322. MICHAEL GASKELL, Middle School Principal, Hammarskjold Middle School, EAST BRUNSWICK TWP, 20, $159,101
  323. JANET ELDER, Elementary School Principal, District Office, JERSEY CITY, 27, $159,100
  324. KAREN BENNETT, Elementary School Principal, Honiss Elementary\Middle School, DUMONT BORO, 15, $159,087
  325. AMY LIN RODRIGUEZ, Middle School Principal, Explore 2000 Middle School, HUDSON COUNTY VOCATIONAL, 16, $159,071
  326. MATTHEW JAMISON, High School Principal, Ocean City High School, OCEAN CITY, 28, $159,057
  327. JAMES PARRY, Middle School Principal, FORDS MIDDLE SCHOOL, WOODBRIDGE TWP, 17, $159,002
  328. BOBLYN RANGER-DOBBS, Elementary School Principal, SCHOOL 6, PATERSON CITY, 19, $158,988
  329. PAUL POPADIUK, High School Principal, Montgomery High School, MONTGOMERY TWP, 24, $158,708
  330. FREDERICK WILLIAMS, High School Principal, William L Dickinson High School, JERSEY CITY, 3, $158,600
  331. ROBERT DIAS, Elementary School Principal, PERRY L. DREW ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, EAST WINDSOR REGIONAL, 17, $158,528
  332. PAUL FARLEY, Middle School Principal, Howell Township Middle School North, HOWELL TWP, 14, $158,408
  334. Gina Hansen, Elementary School Principal, Allen W. Roberts School, NEW PROVIDENCE BORO, 37, $158,234
  335. MICHELE RUSCAVAGE, High School Principal, Matawan Regional High School, MATAWAN-ABERDEEN REGIONAL, 13, $158,159
  336. SCOTT NEIGEL, High School Principal, Bernards High School, SOMERSET HILLS REGIONAL, 5, $158,132
  337. ANGELA ISKENDERIAN, Elementary School Principal, Ann Blanche Smith, HILLSDALE BORO, 32, $158,086
  338. LOUIS MELCHOR, High School Principal, Glen Ridge High School, GLEN RIDGE BORO, 2, $158,060
  339. Meredith Pennotti, Elementary School Principal, Red Bank Charter School, THE RED BANK CS, 31, $158,043
  340. Scott Arnauer, High School Principal, Maple Shade High School, MAPLE SHADE TWP, 14, $157,893
  341. Colleen Graziano, Elementary School Principal, Manasquan Elementary School, MANASQUAN BORO, 32, $157,880
  342. MARK SUTOR, Junior High School Principal, Churchill Jr High School, EAST BRUNSWICK TWP, 21, $157,811
  343. JACALYN RICHARDSON, High School Principal, Kearny High School, KEARNY TOWN, 3, $157,770
  344. MARY FERRERI, Elementary School Principal, Orchard Elementary School, RIDGEWOOD VILLAGE, 15, $157,748
  345. ANGELINA FINNEGAN, Elementary School Principal, Lake Hiawatha Elementary School, PARSIPPANY-TROY HILLS TWP, 19, $157,654
  346. JONATHAN MORISSEAU, Elementary School Principal, Mountain Park School, BERKELEY HEIGHTS TWP, 24, $157,579
  347. Michael Weaver, Elementary School Principal, JOHN A. FORREST ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, FAIR LAWN PUBLIC SCHOOLS, 16, $157,577
  348. Jill Lindsay, Elementary School Principal, RADBURN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, FAIR LAWN PUBLIC SCHOOLS, 16, $157,577
  349. Christine Dell Aglio, Elementary School Principal, WESTMORELAND ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, FAIR LAWN PUBLIC SCHOOLS, 6, $157,577
  350. JOHN HANEY, Elementary School Principal, Elizabeth Avenue School, FRANKLIN TWP, 19, $157,553
  351. Christian Cardenas, Elementary School Principal, Public School Number Two, WEST NEW YORK TOWN, 19, $157,550
  354. JOSEPH CARAVELA, Elementary School Principal, Linden Avenue School, GLEN RIDGE BORO, 23, $157,451
  355. ANGELA R DAVIS, Middle School Principal, Thomas Jefferson Middle School, TEANECK TWP, 29, $157,419
  356. RAYMOND KIEM, High School Principal, Paramus High School, PARAMUS BORO, 3, $157,370
  357. ROBERT NIXON, High School Principal, Governor Livingston High School, BERKELEY HEIGHTS TWP, 20, $157,347
  358. ROBERT HENIG, Middle School Principal, Howell Township Middle School South, HOWELL TWP, 19, $157,331
  361. LYNNE JACKSON, Vocational School Principal, Morris County School of Technology, MORRIS COUNTY VOCATIONAL, 15, $157,176
  362. JAMES FLYNN, High School Principal, Burlington City High School, BURLINGTON CITY, 18, $157,123
  363. SUSAN BRETON, Middle School Principal, Mount Olive Middle School, MOUNT OLIVE TWP, 8, $157,103
  364. MATTHEW CARLIN, Elementary School Principal, Lincoln-Hubbard Elementary School, SUMMIT CITY, 22, $157,066
  366. ADRIANN DENIS, Elementary School Principal, Crawford-Rodriguez Elementary School, JACKSON TWP, 25, $156,916
  367. JOSEPH NEUBERT, Elementary School Principal, Lincoln Elementary School, RIDGEFIELD PARK TWP, 28, $156,907
  368. LEWIS BENFATTI, High School Principal, Hopatcong High School, HOPATCONG, 19, $156,788
  369. YELENA HORRE, High School Principal, Linden High School, LINDEN CITY, 29, $156,788
  370. JOHN CAFAGNA, Middle School Principal, John A. Carusi Middle School, CHERRY HILL TWP, 13, $156,727
  371. Gary O’Brien, High School Principal, HADDON TOWNSHIP HIGH SCHOOL, HADDON TWP, 20, $156,650
  372. COREY LOWERY, High School Principal, UNION SENIOR HIGH, UNION TWP, 10, $156,645
  373. MEDINA PEYTON, Elementary School Principal, Sovereign Avenue School, ATLANTIC CITY, 28, $156,622
  374. SHAWN SCULLY, Elementary School Principal, Lincoln Elementary School, EDISON TWP, 25, $156,621
  375. NAOMI KIRKMAN, Elementary School Principal, Bradford Elementary School, MONTCLAIR TOWN, 25, $156,615
  376. JOSEPH R ROTONDA, Elementary School Principal, Belleville PS10, BELLEVILLE TOWN, 13, $156,601
  377. JAY BERMAN, Elementary School Principal, School No. 3, FORT LEE BORO, 49, $156,519
  378. ERIN EMBON, Middle School Principal, Wall Intermediate School, WALL TWP, 25, $156,457
  379. JESSICA ESPINOZA, Elementary School Principal, Memorial School, EMERSON BORO, 14, $156,388
  380. Michael Landy, Middle School Principal, Washington Middle School, HARRISON TOWN, 24, $156,379
  381. Elizabeth DeJesus, Elementary School Principal, District Office, TRENTON PUBLIC SCHOOL DISTRICT, 16, $156,312
  382. NATALIE BETZ, Middle School Principal, Brooklawn Middle School, PARSIPPANY-TROY HILLS TWP, 25, $156,256
  383. KAREN ROCKHILL, Elementary School Principal, Barclay Early Childhood Center, CHERRY HILL TWP, 10, $156,144
  384. KELLY COOKE, Middle School Principal, Jefferson Township Middle School, JEFFERSON TWP, 18, $156,112
  385. ANN BEIRNE, Elementary School Principal, District Office, JERSEY CITY, 37, $156,100
  388. CARL PERINO, Middle School Principal, Carl W. Goetz Middle School, JACKSON TWP, 16, $155,916
  389. ANNIE JACKSON, Elementary School Principal, Wahlstrom Early Childhood Academy, EAST ORANGE, 48, $155,839
  390. FIDELIA STURDIVANT, Elementary School Principal, Mildred Barry Garvin Elementary, EAST ORANGE, 46, $155,839
  391. Jennifer Posa-Whitner, Elementary School Principal, WL ANTHEIL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, EWING TWP, 21, $155,837
  392. GERARDA MAST, Elementary School Principal, Edmund Hmieleski Early Childhood Center, PERTH AMBOY CITY, 15, $155,813
  393. NICHOLAS CAPODICE, Elementary School Principal, District Office, JERSEY CITY, 29, $155,800
  394. Barbara Binford, Elementary School Principal, BRADLEY GARDENS PRIMARY SCHOOL, BRIDGEWATER-RARITAN REG, 9, $155,783
  395. CECILIA O’TOOLE, High School Principal, DON BOSCO ACADEMY, PATERSON CITY, 36, $155,779
  396. ROY WILSON, Middle School Principal, Linwood Middle School, NORTH BRUNSWICK TWP, 2, $155,717
  397. FELISA V VAN LIEW, Elementary School Principal, SCHOOL 2, PATERSON CITY, 47, $155,671
  398. STEVEN WILFING, Elementary School Principal, Stony Brook Elementary School, HOPEWELL VALLEY REGIONAL, 17, $155,590
  399. ROBERT SCIOLARO, Middle School Principal, Thomas Jefferson Middle School, LODI BOROUGH, 33, $155,471
  400. RONALD L ANDERSON, Elementary School Principal, Robert N. Wilentz Elementary School, PERTH AMBOY CITY, 43, $155,464
  402. LINDA RUSSO, Vocational School Principal, Middlesex County Voc Academy Math Science &Engineering Techn, MIDDLESEX CO VOCATIONAL, 37, $155,425
  403. GINA ROSAMILIA, Elementary School Principal, WATSESSING ELEMENTARY, BLOOMFIELD TWP, 37, $155,424
  404. LYNDA ZAPOTICZNY, Elementary School Principal, James Monroe Elementary School, EDISON TWP, 34, $155,421
  405. ROBERT WILLIAMS, Middle School Principal, Manalapan-Englishtown Middle School, MANALAPAN-ENGLISHTOWN REG, 23, $155,349
  406. KELLY BERA, Elementary School Principal, Strathmore Elementary School, MATAWAN-ABERDEEN REGIONAL, 23, $155,329
  407. PATRICIA JANOVER, Elementary School Principal, Ravine Drive Elementary School, MATAWAN-ABERDEEN REGIONAL, 17, $155,329
  408. BILLY BOWIE, High School Principal, Dwight Morrow High School/Academies@Englewood, ENGLEWOOD CITY, 0, $155,288
  409. JEREMY DAVIES, High School Principal, Mountain Lakes High School, MOUNTAIN LAKES BORO, 5, $155,279
  410. JEANNA VELECHKO, Elementary School Principal, Lincoln School, RUTHERFORD BORO, 25, $155,176
  411. MICHAEL ALBERQUE, Elementary School Principal, Roosevelt Elementary School, RIDGEFIELD PARK TWP, 32, $155,160
  412. ALYCE ANDERSON, Middle School Principal, Lake Riviera Middle School, BRICK TWP, 21, $155,143
  413. JAMES KNOX, Elementary School Principal, New York Avenue School, ATLANTIC CITY, 20, $155,122
  414. CHERYL HOPPER, Elementary School Principal, Edgemont Elementary School, MONTCLAIR TOWN, 6, $155,115
  415. LESLIE ABREW, Elementary School Principal, William Cullen Bryant School, TEANECK TWP, 18, $155,035
  416. ANTOINE J GREEN, Elementary School Principal, James Russell Lowell Elementary School, TEANECK TWP, 21, $155,035
  417. Gwynetta Joe, Junior High School Principal, Cedarbrook Elementary School, PLAINFIELD CITY, 24, $155,007
  418. DEIRDRE SPOLLEN-LARAIA, Middle School Principal, West Brook Middle School, PARAMUS BORO, 0, $155,000
  419. KAREN FOLEY, Elementary School Principal, Southwood Elementary School, OLD BRIDGE TWP, 15, $154,916
  420. Frank Asante, Elementary School Principal, Emerson Elementary School, PLAINFIELD CITY, 24, $154,914
  421. DOUGLAS CORBETT, High School Principal, Central Regional High School, CENTRAL REGIONAL, 22, $154,878
  422. LORI HARVELL, Elementary School Principal, District Office, PATERSON CITY, 43, $154,821
  423. JAMES GLEASON, High School Principal, Communications High School, MONMOUTH CO VOCATIONAL, 26, $154,800
  424. JOSEPH GALANO, Elementary School Principal, District Office, JERSEY CITY, 28, $154,800
  425. SALLY MILLAWAY, Elementary School Principal, Gables Elementary School, NEPTUNE TWP, 26, $154,764
  426. DANIEL UMSTEAD, Elementary School Principal, District Office, HOPEWELL VALLEY REGIONAL, 27, $154,690
  427. JAMES WICHMANN, High School Principal, Dumont High School, DUMONT BORO, 20, $154,671
  428. THOMAS LOBUE, Middle School Principal, East Brook Middle School, PARAMUS BORO, 19, $154,630
  429. Rudy Baez, High School Principal, Jose Marti Freshman Academy, UNION CITY, 15, $154,542
  430. MICHAEL GREGORY, Middle School Principal, SPARTA MIDDLE SCHOOL, SPARTA TWP, 17, $154,541
  431. Dana Mericle, Middle School Principal, Williamstown Middle School, MONROE TWP, 38, $154,501
  432. MICHAEL RAYMOND, Elementary School Principal, Howard C. Johnson Elementary School, JACKSON TWP, 18, $154,416
  433. Wilson Aponte, Elementary School Principal, Dewitt D. Barlow Elementary School, PLAINFIELD CITY, 33, $154,414
  434. MOLLY AVERY, High School Principal, Robbinsville High School, ROBBINSVILLE, 10, $154,413
  435. Charles McKay, Middle School Principal, District Office, VERNON TWP, 34, $154,410
  436. MICHAEL DUGGAN, Elementary School Principal, Menlo Park Elementary School, EDISON TWP, 24, $154,397
  437. ALLA VAYDA-MANZO, Middle School Principal, BLOOMFIELD MIDDLE SCHOOL, BLOOMFIELD TWP, 11, $154,307
  438. EDWIN RIVERA, Elementary School Principal, District Office, JERSEY CITY, 22, $154,200
  439. JOHN RIVERO, Elementary School Principal, District Office, JERSEY CITY, 24, $154,200
  440. WILLIAM MULCAHY, Elementary School Principal, Washington School, RUTHERFORD BORO, 26, $154,176
  441. ANDRE S McCOLLUM, Elementary School Principal, SCHOOL 12, PATERSON CITY, 23, $154,170
  442. EMIL CARAFA, Elementary School Principal, Washington School, LODI BOROUGH, 41, $154,126
  444. SHARON ABBRUSCATO, Elementary School Principal, District Office, JERSEY CITY, 33, $154,100
  445. DENNIS MCCAFFERY, High School Principal, Hillside Avenue School, CRANFORD TWP, 24, $154,081
  446. Joseph Uglialoro, Middle School Principal, FRELINGHUYSEN MIDDLE SCHOOL, MORRIS SCHOOL DISTRICT, 2, $154,000
  447. William Ferry, Elementary School Principal, HILLSIDE INTERMEDIATE SCHOOL, BRIDGEWATER-RARITAN REG, 22, $153,995
  448. ALYSSON KEELEN, Elementary School Principal, Howell Township Memorial Elementary School, HOWELL TWP, 27, $153,881
  449. JAMES QUINN, Elementary School Principal, Newbury Elementary School, HOWELL TWP, 15, $153,881
  450. DIANA ROCHON, Elementary School Principal, Taunton Elementary School, HOWELL TWP, 22, $153,881
  451. DEBORAH PENNELL, Elementary School Principal, Ardena Elementary School, HOWELL TWP, 22, $153,881
  452. LYNN COCO, Elementary School Principal, Greenville Elementary School, HOWELL TWP, 21, $153,881
  453. ANDREW SMITH, Elementary School Principal, Aldrich Elementary School, HOWELL TWP, 16, $153,881
  454. LYNN IRBY, Middle School Principal, South Orange Middle School, SOUTH ORANGE-MAPLEWOOD, 2, $153,851
  455. Tara Mantineo, Elementary School Principal, Harry L Bain, WEST NEW YORK TOWN, 24, $153,800
  456. Diana Kattak, Elementary School Principal, Mario Drago School No. 3, PASSAIC CITY, 23, $153,709
  457. Janet Drago, Elementary School Principal, Vincent Capuana School No. 15, PASSAIC CITY, 21, $153,709
  458. KATHLEEN SUCHORSKY, Elementary School Principal, Robert Hunter Elementary School, FLEMINGTON-RARITAN REG, 34, $153,667
  459. JOSEPH MALANGA, Elementary School Principal, WILSON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, WESTFIELD TOWN, 18, $153,643
  460. ROSALIE BESPALKO, Elementary School Principal, SCHOOL 19, PATERSON CITY, 45, $153,636
  461. PATRICIA BUELL, Elementary School Principal, Maurice Hawk Elementary School, W WINDSOR-PLAINSBORO REG, 30, $153,632
  462. KENNETH FLOOD, Elementary School Principal, Chelsea Heights School, ATLANTIC CITY, 16, $153,622
  463. JODI BURROUGHS, Elementary School Principal, Dr Martin Luther King Jr School Complex, ATLANTIC CITY, 23, $153,622
  464. DAVID ADAM, High School Principal, Lawrence High School, LAWRENCE TWP, 22, $153,614
  465. KATHRYN ROBBINS, Elementary School Principal, Eldridge Park School, LAWRENCE TWP, 32, $153,614
  466. Catherine Quinn, Elementary School Principal, HORACE MANN COMMUNITY SCHOOL, BAYONNE CITY, 43, $153,601
  467. GREGORY COTTRELL, High School Principal, North Hunterdon High School, N HUNT/VOORHEES REGIONAL, 13, $153,561
  468. PAUL IANTOSCA, Middle School Principal, Valleyview Middle School, DENVILLE TWP, 25, $153,548
  469. STACY GRIMALDI, High School Principal, Summit High School, SUMMIT CITY, 16, $153,547
  470. Cheryl Russo, Elementary School Principal, Lafayette Avenue School, SCH DIST OF THE CHATHAMS, 20, $153,312
  471. Manuel Negron, Elementary School Principal, William B. Cruise Memorial School No. 11, PASSAIC CITY, 15, $153,286
  472. COLLEEN HAUBERT, Elementary School Principal, Evergreen Elementary School, SCOTCH PLAINS-FANWOOD REG, 24, $153,243
  473. DAVID INNOCENZI, Middle School Principal, ALBERT E GRICE MIDDLE SCHOOL, HAMILTON TWP, 30, $153,230
  474. SCOTT DAVIES, Elementary School Principal, BERTRAND F GIBBS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, NEW MILFORD BORO, 25, $153,145
  475. COLIN D RIGBY, Middle School Principal, Cedar Drive Middle School, COLTS NECK TWP, 20, $153,140
  476. ALBERT BOHRER, Elementary School Principal, Ramtown Elementary School, HOWELL TWP, 18, $153,118
  477. JOSE BLANKLEY-CELIS, Elementary School Principal, PINES LAKE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, WAYNE TWP, 4, $153,106
  478. THELMA RAMSEY, High School Principal, East Orange STEM Academy High School, EAST ORANGE, 17, $153,067
  480. MARIA MARTINEZ, Elementary School Principal, Anna C. Scott Elementary School, LEONIA BORO, 31, $153,044
  481. CHRISTOPHER MCCUE, Elementary School Principal, M. Scott Carpenter Elementary School, OLD BRIDGE TWP, 20, $153,028
  482. Gulamhussein Janoowalla, Elementary School Principal, Ulysses S. Grant School No. 7, PASSAIC CITY, 16, $153,028
  483. Emmanuel Morales, Elementary School Principal, Casimir Pulaski School No. 8, PASSAIC CITY, 20, $153,028
  484. CHRISTOPHER WAACK, Elementary School Principal, Intervale Elementary School, PARSIPPANY-TROY HILLS TWP, 17, $153,022
  485. Jeffrey Johnson, High School Principal, WILLIAMSTOWN HIGH SCHOOL, MONROE TWP, 28, $152,956
  486. Jill DelConte, Elementary School Principal, RADIX ELEMENTARY, MONROE TWP, 31, $152,956
  487. WILLIAM KLEISSLER, High School Principal, Brick Township High School, BRICK TWP, 22, $152,940
  488. MARY TODARO, Elementary School Principal, DEMAREST ELEMENTARY, BLOOMFIELD TWP, 31, $152,924
  489. IRENE PIERIDES, Elementary School Principal, ALEXANDER HAMILTON SCHOOL, GLEN ROCK BORO, 28, $152,904
  490. SCOTT W OSBORNE, Elementary School Principal, OAK RIDGE HEIGHTS SCHOOL, WOODBRIDGE TWP, 24, $152,893
  493. BARBARA BALOG, Elementary School Principal, MAWBEY STREET ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, WOODBRIDGE TWP, 24, $152,893
  494. JOSEPH JERABEK, Elementary School Principal, Lloyd Road Elementary School, MATAWAN-ABERDEEN REGIONAL, 3, $152,829
  495. Jeffrey Ryan, Elementary School Principal, Cedar Grove Elementary School, TOMS RIVER REGIONAL, 26, $152,715
  496. Joseph Venuto, Vocational School Principal, BURLINGTON COUNTY INST OF TECH – Westhampton, BURLINGTON CO VOCATIONAL, 19, $152,641
  497. Jennifer Ferrara, Elementary School Principal, Ralph S Maugham School, TENAFLY BORO, 16, $152,636
  498. Michael Citta, Elementary School Principal, Hooper Avenue Elementary School, TOMS RIVER REGIONAL, 17, $152,615
  502. Fawzi Naji, Middle School Principal, Abraham Lincoln Middle School No. 4, PASSAIC CITY, 19, $152,527
  503. Joanne Hozeny, Elementary School Principal, Mount Prospect Elementary School, BERNARDS TWP, 14, $152,524
  504. DHERANIE SUAREZ, Elementary School Principal, Land O’Pines Elementary School, HOWELL TWP, 17, $152,508
  505. NANCY RUPP, Elementary School Principal, Edith M. Griebling Elementary School, HOWELL TWP, 43, $152,508
  506. TERRY WATKINS-WILLIAMS, Elementary School Principal, District Office, JERSEY CITY, 25, $152,500
  507. ARTHUR HOWARD, Middle School Principal, William R. Satz School, HOLMDEL TWP, 13, $152,473
  508. YVETTE MCNEAL, Middle School Principal, Henry B. Whitehorne Middle School, VERONA BORO, 23, $152,406
  509. Teresita Diaz, Elementary School Principal, Colin Powell Elementary School, UNION CITY, 20, $152,376
  510. AMALIA TRONO, Middle School Principal, John L. Costley Middle School, EAST ORANGE, 28, $152,362
  511. ANITA CHAMPAGNE, Middle School Principal, Cicely L. Tyson Community Middle/High School, EAST ORANGE, 7, $152,317
  512. MICHAEL RICHARDS, Middle School Principal, Montgomery Lower Middle School, MONTGOMERY TWP, 22, $152,231
  513. SUSAN LACY, Elementary School Principal, Village Elementary School, MONTGOMERY TWP, 25, $152,231
  514. Charles Welsh, Elementary School Principal, FRANCIS LORE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, EWING TWP, 40, $152,100
  515. James Morrison, High School Principal, TENAFLY HIGH SCHOOL, TENAFLY BORO, 26, $152,083
  516. Kwame Asante, Middle School Principal, Hubbard Middle School, PLAINFIELD CITY, 24, $152,031
  517. HILBURN SPARROW II, Elementary School Principal, SCHOOL 14, PATERSON CITY, 17, $152,012
  518. KAREN WETHERELL, Elementary School Principal, J. Ackerman Coles Elementary School, SCOTCH PLAINS-FANWOOD REG, 26, $152,007
  519. Michael Mann, High School Principal, North Star Academy Charter School, NORTH STAR ACADEMY CHARTER SCHOOL, 25, $152,000
  520. John Soviero, Middle School Principal, Clifton T. Barkalow School, FREEHOLD TWP, 21, $151,943
  521. PEDRO H VALDES III, Elementary School Principal, John Greenleaf Whittier Elementary School, TEANECK TWP, 20, $151,934
  522. DANIELA SMALL-BAILEY, Elementary School Principal, Dr. John Grieco Elementary School, ENGLEWOOD CITY, 13, $151,905
  523. Jonathan Ogbonna, Middle School Principal, Cooper’s Poynt Family School, CAMDEN CITY, 30, $151,898
  524. MARK GRAY, Middle School Principal, Central Middle School, PARSIPPANY-TROY HILLS TWP, 23, $151,873
  525. PIERO LO GIUDICE, High School Principal, Teaneck High School, TEANECK TWP, 17, $151,858
  526. Nelson Lopez, Elementary School Principal, Public School Number Five, WEST NEW YORK TOWN, 30, $151,800
  527. AMI HOFFMAN, Elementary School Principal, John Marshall Elementary School, EDISON TWP, 20, $151,797
  528. Jeannette McGill Harris, Elementary School Principal, Parker Elementary, TRENTON PUBLIC SCHOOL DISTRICT, 16, $151,672
  529. NORMAN FRANCIS, High School Principal, Jonathan Dayton High School, SPRINGFIELD TWP, 10, $151,606
  530. JOCELYN DUMARESQ, Middle School Principal, Park Middle School, SCOTCH PLAINS-FANWOOD REG, 9, $151,548
  531. NICOLE CIRILLO, Elementary School Principal, Woodbrook Elementary School, EDISON TWP, 26, $151,515
  532. ROBERT LOMBARDY, Middle School Principal, Woodcliff Middle School, WOODCLIFF LAKE BORO, 11, $151,503
  533. JEFFREY ROSZKOWSKI, High School Principal, Admiral William F. Halsey Jr. Health & Public Safety Academy, ELIZABETH CITY, 35, $151,501
  534. KURT KARCICH, High School Principal, Point Pleasant Borough High School, POINT PLEASANT BORO, 5, $151,500
  535. Davida Coe-Brockington, High School Principal, Creative Arts Morgan Village Academy, CAMDEN CITY, 32, $151,398
  536. BEN LAMBERSON, High School Principal, District Office, LENAPE REGIONAL, 18, $151,378
  537. KAREN GABRUK, Elementary School Principal, Barley Sheaf Elementary School, FLEMINGTON-RARITAN REG, 26, $151,363
  538. CONSTANCE SALIMBENO, Elementary School Principal, Betty Maddalena Early Learning Center, WEST ORANGE TOWN, 13, $151,332
  541. THOMAS OLAUSEN, Middle School Principal, Thorne Middle School, MIDDLETOWN TWP, 22, $151,295
  542. DAVID AULENBACH, Middle School Principal, ANTHONY WAYNE MIDDLE SCHOOL, WAYNE TWP, 4, $151,263
  543. Luis Lobelo, Elementary School Principal, George Washington School No. 2, PASSAIC CITY, 22, $151,256
  544. JEANETTE MCRAE-BRASWELL, High School Principal, District Office, JERSEY CITY, 48, $151,217
  545. ROBIN PICCAPIETRA, High School Principal, Hoboken High School, HOBOKEN CITY, 14, $151,187
  546. JANET FERRARO, High School Principal, SPARTA HIGH SCHOOL, SPARTA TWP, 32, $151,136
  547. PATRICK MCCABE, High School Principal, South Amboy Middle/High School, SOUTH AMBOY CITY, 21, $151,127
  548. Rebecca Montgomery, Elementary School Principal, C. Richard Applegate School, FREEHOLD TWP, 14, $151,120
  549. ANTHONY CATALINE, Elementary School Principal, Number 4, LINDEN CITY, 46, $151,110
  550. LINDA SIMMONS, High School Principal, Hasbrouck Heights High School, HASBROUCK HEIGHTS BORO, 34, $151,019
  551. JODI BIANCHI, Elementary School Principal, CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS SCHOOL #8, GARFIELD CITY, 25, $150,967
  552. FREDERICK JOHNSON, Elementary School Principal, John Adams, NORTH BRUNSWICK TWP, 5, $150,963
  553. CHRISTOPHER KELLY, High School Principal, Whippany Park High School, HANOVER PARK REGIONAL, 17, $150,931
  554. JAMES BARNES, Middle School Principal, CHESTNUT RIDGE MIDLE SCHOOL, WASHINGTON TWP, 22, $150,802
  555. MARIANNE ABBASSO, Elementary School Principal, FRANKLIN ELEMENTARY, BLOOMFIELD TWP, 28, $150,724
  556. PAUL SCUTTI, Middle School Principal, Martin J. Ryerson School, RINGWOOD BORO, 41, $150,631
  557. SASHA SLOCUM, Elementary School Principal, William J. McGinn Elementary School, SCOTCH PLAINS-FANWOOD REG, 7, $150,572
  559. Karen Fragale, Elementary School Principal, Thomas Jefferson School No. 1, PASSAIC CITY, 21, $150,322
  560. Nicholas Andreazza, Elementary School Principal, Milton Avenue School, SCH DIST OF THE CHATHAMS, 18, $150,316
  561. DAVID TANKARD, Vocational School Principal, Bergen County Technical High School – Teterboro, BERGEN COUNTY VOCATIONAL, 15, $150,275
  562. MATTHEW KIRKPATRICK, High School Principal, Middletown High School South, MIDDLETOWN TWP, 16, $150,185
  563. LAWRENCE PENNY, Middle School Principal, Burlington Township Middle School at Springside, BURLINGTON TWP, 30, $150,170
  564. Susan Powell, Elementary School Principal, Moorestown Upper Elementary School, MOORESTOWN TWP, 25, $150,120
  565. Douglas Jones, Elementary School Principal, WASHINGTON SCHOOL, NUTLEY TOWN, 25, $150,118
  566. DOREEN RYAN, Elementary School Principal, Ocean Township Elementary School, OCEAN TWP, 29, $150,075
  567. ANTHONY GROSSO, Elementary School Principal, Watchung Elementary School, MONTCLAIR TOWN, 14, $150,065
  568. M CONSTANCE EMBLEY, High School Principal, Allentown High School, UPPER FREEHOLD REGIONAL, 19, $150,013
  569. Mario Santos, High School Principal, EAST SIDE HIGH SCHOOL, NEWARK CITY, 27, $150,000
  570. Glenda Johnson, High School Principal, JOHN F KENNEDY SCHOOL, NEWARK CITY, 43, $150,000
  571. Jennifer Mitchell, High School Principal, NJ REGIONAL DAY SCHOOL – NEWARK, NEWARK CITY, 28, $150,000
  572. Kimberly Honnick, High School Principal, BARRINGER ARTS HIGH SCHOOL, NEWARK CITY, 26, $150,000
  573. Joseph Vastola, Middle School Principal, Jefferson School, LYNDHURST TWP, 16, $150,000
  574. Sheria McRae, Middle School Principal, Foundation Academy Charter School, FOUNDATION ACADEMY CS, 10, $150,000
  575. LAKECIA HYMAN, Elementary School Principal, Texas Avenue School, ATLANTIC CITY, 17, $150,000
  576. Margarita Hernandez, Elementary School Principal, WILSON AVENUE SCHOOL, NEWARK CITY, 28, $150,000
  577. Maria Merlo, Elementary School Principal, LAFAYETTE STREET SCHOOL, NEWARK CITY, 42, $150,000
  578. Linda Richardson, Elementary School Principal, ANN STREET SCHOOL, NEWARK CITY, 45, $150,000
  579. Wanda Long Brooks, Elementary School Principal, District Office, NEWARK CITY, 30, $150,000
  580. Sylvia Esteves, Elementary School Principal, PARK ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, NEWARK CITY, 26, $150,000
  581. SUSIE HUNG, Elementary School Principal, JEFFERSON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, WESTFIELD TOWN, 0, $150,000

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Husband, Wife Injured In Mahwah House Fire: Police

MAHWAH, NJ — A husband and wife were injured after their Oweno Place home caught fire and was severely damaged Thursday morning, authorities said.

Police received a 911 call about the fire just after 7 a.m.; police arrived and saw a small fire in a room with the boiler in it, said Chief James Batelli.

Officers tried to put the fire out using a fire extinguisher, but the fire quickly spread throughout the rest of the house, Batelli said.

Officer Keith Iorio evacuated the family, a husband, wife, and their children, and got them to a neighbor’s house, the chief said.

The husband got a minor burn on his hand and his wife was treated for smoke inhalation, Batelli said.

Despite sub-freezing temperatures, firefighters quickly brought the fire under control, but the house suffered extensive fire and smoke damage.

Firefighters tried to salvage what they could from the house for the family.

All five Mahwah fire companies, along with fire companies from Ramsey and Suffern, and Mahwah EMS workers responded to the fire, Batelli said.

Sgt. Michael Blondin is investigating the cause of the fire.


Patch file photo

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Star Wrestler Killed In Crash, Pit Bull Mauls Couple: Top News

January was busy month. A lot of happened and it is easy to miss a headline or two. Don’t worry, Patch has you covered. Here is a recap of the top North Jersey news that happened this month.

Community Mourns Star Paramus Wrestler Killed In Crash

PARAMUS, NJ — Alex Sebahie was an “accomplished student athlete” and “great son” who tragically died in a car crash early Thursday morning. Sebahie, 21, was an elite wrestler while at Paramus… Read more

Pit Bull Mauls Husband And Wife At Mahwah Park

MAHWAH, NJ — A man and his wife were mauled by a female pit bull at a township park Wednesday morning, police said. Police got a 911 call at 9 a.m. from someone reporting loud screams coming… Read more

Bergen Teacher Fired, Said She’d ‘Shoot Up’ School: Officials

BERGEN COUNTY, NJ — The teacher who allegedly threatened to “shoot up” a Goddard school in Elmwood… Read more

Franklin Lakes Couple Gives $10M Gift To University Of Notre Dame

FRANKLIN LAKES, NJ — A borough couple has given a $10 million gift to the University of Notre Dame. Anthony and Christie de Nicola’s gift will fund an expansion of Notre Dame’s Center for Ethics… Read more

Wyckoff Widow Dies After 7-Year Battle With Breast Cancer

WYCKOFF, NJ — The community is rallying around two township siblings whose mother died of breast cancer Tuesday. Desiree Polakowski’s children, Collin and Reese, survive her and her husband,… Read more

NJ Man Dies In New York Cheese Factory Accident: Police

A New Jersey man was killed after a recent accident at a cheese company, police reported. Edwin Nunez, 41, of Paterson, was pronounced dead at the Icco Cheese Co. in Orangeburg, NY on Jan. 15,… Read more

Mahwah Man’s Body Found Outside Ramsey Home: Police

RAMSEY, NJ — Authorities are investigating the death of a Mahwah man who was found outside of his Peterson Place home late Thursday morning, police said. The body was discovered late Thursday… Read more

Bergen Cop Put GPS In Ex-Wife’s Vehicle, Stalked Her: Prosecutor

BERGEN COUNTY, NJ — A Hackensack police lieutenant is accused of stalking his ex-wife by planting a GPS device in her vehicle and tracking her movements, authorities announced. Richard Levis,… Read more

Elevated Lead Levels Found In Drinking Water In Some Bergen Homes

High levels of lead were found in drinking water of some Bergen and Hudson County homes, the SUEZ water company announced Wednesday. High lead levels were found in 16 of 108 homes where water… Read more

New Milford Woman Assaulted Cops During DUI Arrest: Police

NEW MILFORD, NJ — A woman said she would kill police officers and threatened their families during a DUI arrest Thursday night, police announced. Alexandra Defino, 25, of New Milford was charged… Read more


Image via GoFundMe, a promotional partner with Patch

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